Yeah, Japan!>>Yeah, Japan!>>Yeah, Japan!>>Yeah, Japan! [MUSIC]>>Mm. Hey guys.
My name is Ty Demura. I was born and
raised in Japan. I’m half-American,
half-Japanese, and I’m super shitfaced ,and
I’m super hungry as well. So I’m gonna go make a
banana milkshake with raw egg and natto over rice
with a little drizzle of soy sauce. We’re gonna get all
the food out of vending machines only,
because Japan is the vending machine
capital of the world. [MUSIC] All right, fuckers. We’re gonna get
some raw eggs. See how beautiful this
vending machine is? This is state-of-the-art, raw egg vending
machine action here. So just a little
explanation to this sign. It says, [FOREIGN]. Yesterday’s eggs
are not in here. So don’t worry cuz
they’re fresh eggs. They are 200 yen for
eight, which is 20 yen per egg, which is
really fucking cheap. I don’t have
a lot of money. And I spent it
all at the club. [SOUND] So
these are my eggs. Say hello to my eggs. So I got 10 eggs, but
only three of them will be eaten today, unless
that girl calls me back, and then we will have
two more eggs that are gonna get licked and
eaten. Yeah, that was
kind of gross. So this vending machine
is special because it’s got coffee, cafe au lait, orange juice,
apple juice, banana, strawberry,
and [FOREIGN]. This guy actually
looks like one of my best friends. So we’re gonna get
some Bulgarian yogurt, which probably isn’t from
Bulgaria but they just call it Bulgarian yogurt
to make it sound cool. [SOUND] Let’s
put this in. We’re gonna get some
banana juice, because banana juice and actual
bananas are always good. [MUSIC] All right, so I got my yogurt juice and
my banana drink, and we’re gonna go get some
more shit, so follow me. All right, so
I’m having a little trouble holding all this, all these ingredients,
but, oh, wait! Oh, shit,
that’s the Tenga shit! [SOUND] Oh!>>[LAUGH].
>>Fuck, I broke the eggs! [MUSIC] This is what happens
when you hold eggs and a whiskey bottle
in the same hand. Look at this shit. This is fucked up. It looks super gross. It looks like semen. All right, let’s get
some vanilla for the banana milkshake. This looks good. All right.
[MUSIC] All right, let’s get this shit
home before it melts. So this is natto, which
means fermented beans, and it smells like
your mom’s feet, and it looks like snot, but
it’s the best shit ever. I could eat
this every day, so I’m gonna get some to
mix with the raw egg, which is gonna
be amazing. I’m gonna buy number 13,
which is [FOREIGN] natto. I don’t know
what that means. [FOREIGN] means
hot sauce. And this is the only
place in Japan where you can buy natto through
a vending machine. And I know this because
I was born and raised in Tokyo, so let’s go make
some natto and raw egg. [MUSIC] Fuck. [SOUND] So
this is my kitchen. We got some ice cream,
we got some eggs. One is cracked, but I’m
going to throw that away. We got natto. We got some more, yogurt
drink and milk by my crotch because I couldn’t
hold everything. And we’ve got some rice
from earlier today and it looks delicious,
as you can see. The ice is in that
freezer that I had from before, add some bananas
that I bought yesterday and they are still good,
and here are the milk drinks that I got earlier
as well, banana milk, Bulgarian yogurt,
and Hokkaido milk. So we’re gonna mix
this all together. Oh, as well as the ice
cream that I stuck in my whiskey bottle, and
it’s about to melt but it’s still gonna
be awesome. So let me mix this up for
you. So we’re just gonna pour
a little bit of ice, cuz we don’t wanna fill
the whole thing up. I’m gonna start off with
a Bulgarian yogurt milk. I’m not using the exact
ingredients you need for banana milkshakes, but I’m just
freeballin’ it and I got this shit
lined up here. So I’m just gonna mix
it all together, and I know it’s gonna be
awesome because I’ve dreamt about this
my whole life. [SOUND]. Here’s some milk. I keep spilling
this shit, but it’s all good because my
house is a dump anyway. And here is the banana. Bananas are awesome
because they’re really healthy for you and
they taste good. They got a lot
of potassium. So this milkshake is
gonna be super bomb because I’m gonna be
super hung over tomorrow, and this is gonna
help somehow. And here is melted ice
cream that I got earlier, and this is gonna make
all the difference because it’s got sugar in
it and it’s gonna, oh, fuck, so this shit is
melted already, but it’s gonna still
taste good. Blend the shit up. [SOUND] All right, so the
banana milkshake is done, and we’re gonna move
on to the raw egg and natto that I was telling
you about earlier, which is gonna
taste really good. So here’s the natto
that I brought earlier. So this is what I was talking about when
it looks like snot. It looks like a bunch of huge boogers mixed
together with mucus. So this is [FOREIGN],
which is hot sauce. And normally, it doesn’t
come with natto, but we got the special kind, only cuz I know exactly
where to get it. So this is the perfect
late-night meal because you could find
these ingredients at any time of the day including
super late nights like tonight, and this is
where the magic happens. This is where fermented
soybeans turn into super-tasty natto. [SOUND] Smells so good. So here is the rice,
dry as hell, but it’s still gonna
be super good. So I’m just gonna
dump this right in to the bowl, and then this is when the raw
egg comes to play. Here’s the egg. [SOUND] These are my
nuts, and my nuts have just been busted on
top of the natto. So this is natto and
raw egg. And I’m gonna mix
this together. And this might look gross
to a lot of people, but this is one of my
favorite things to eat when I’m drunk and
lonely at night. This is my companion
in a lot of ways. And then we’re gonna
add some soy sauce. Soy sauce is
the magical sauce that makes everything better. I’m just gonna pour
a little bit, and that’s just about
the right amount. I’m gonna keep mixing it. So the raw egg
in the natto, in the soy sauce with
the rice is ready. The banana
milkshake is ready. So I’m about to
get my grub on. [MUSIC] [SOUND] Oh,
this is kinda weird. [MUSIC] [SOUND] Oh, it’s so
gross though. All right, so I’ve been
doing this thing acting like I knew what
I was doing. But this is the first
time I’ve put raw egg with natto on
a bowl of rice, and I thought it
would be awesome. But it’s actually
kind of gross, and I can’t eat it, I can’t
eat too much of it. So I’m gonna wash
this down with a banana milkshake that
I know will be awesome. So I’m just gonna put
this right here and let it sit, and
one of the hotties that I saw earlier today
can eat it. Oh! That’s what happens
when you get drunk and try to make banana
milkshakes. You forget that
you’re supposed to pour the blender
into the cup. It’s still good though. Dude, this is gonna
like ruin me. And on that note,
banana milkshakes suck. Raw egg with natto on top of rice with soy
sauce sucks, as well. I’m never gonna do
this ever again. Fuck you guys.