Hello it is Mermaid Phantom, your northern, Michigan mermaid, from TheMagicCrafter.com. The waters pretty cold in Lake Michigan, since Falls almost over and winter is almost here, so we’re going to be doing some mermaid crafting videos. But don’t worry! There will be more swimming videos coming soon. I have stockpiled a few of those for you. Today, we’re gonna learn how to drill a hole in a seashell so you can make a magical craft such as this beautiful mermaid necklace and It’s going to be super easy. Don’t worry about it. We are going to be using a drill, so make sure that if you need help you ask for it. And make sure that you are wearing the proper safety gear for using a drill when you drill seashells. They do give off little particles I can get in your lungs. So you want to make sure that you have your nose and mouth covered with some sort of respiratory protection and Also make sure that you have something to cover your eyes in case you have anything fly up that could get into your eyes. You don’t want them scratched up trust me! In order to drill a hole in a seashell you will need (like I said) some safety gear… make sure you have something covering your nose and your mouth so you don’t breathe any of the shell dust. Also make sure you have eye protection I’m kind of being bad and not using anything to cover my nose or mouth at the moment because I need you to be able to hear what I’m saying… but make sure you are being safe. I’m doing something bad right now. Don’t do what I’m doing. Next, you will need a plate that has a dip in the center of it. It doesn’t need to be a big dramatic dip just a bit of a little curve. You will need a sponge. I’m using a natural one because I like the way it looks and because it doesn’t have all those nasty artificial dyes in it. You will, of course, need your seashell. I’m using one of these… I have no idea what they’re called. Guys… I’m a northern, Michigan mermaid! I don’t live by the ocean. We don’t have shells like these I bought it from a crafting store. Grab whatever shell you want or one that looks like this, whatever it is called. In addition to the sponge, the shell and the plate you will need some water. Oops didn’t want to do that! But you will need some water. And last, you will need an electric drill of some sort. I am using my dad’s drill and it has a small little drill bit thing on it about a little bit bigger the base of lead. It’s a small one. You just need a small hole. You can use a drill from a hardware store, or you can buy a jewelry drill if that’s what you call them? I will link one in the description box so you can get one if you do not have one. If you need help using a drill make sure you ask for help. Whoever the handyman or handy girl is in your house will be able to help you, I’m sure! And I’m sure they would be glad to enlighten you on all this weird stuff! So, let’s get started first take your water and dampen your sponge. Don’t be shy about getting it really soaked. I’m going to go get more water I’ll be right back… Alright, so I got more water and a bunch of different pitchers! I’m just soaking this sponge. Get it nice and wet all over. And I am using this side of the sponge. The scrubby side, not this side this side. The scrubby side. Once your sponge is soaked grab your seashell and flip it over so that the underside is exposed, Go ahead and grab some more water and stick it in your shell. Now comes the part where we’re going to use the drill. Now… This is the drill. You’re gonna want to use two hands for it, so this camera angle is gonna get a bit funky. I’m not really sure how I’m going to film it, but when you use a drill don’t just hold down the drill button when you’re drilling your shell. You’ll see what I’m doing in a few minutes. But you’re going to drill in a few second increments, that way you don’t overheat your shell and cause it to crack. The water’s gonna also help keep your shell cool. So, when you’re heating it up with the friction of the drill bit, it’s going to cool down with the water and it won’t overheat, and again, crack. (Because you don’t want a cracked shell. That’s not the goal here, okay!) Here comes the tricky kind of scary part again. If you need help make sure you get help. Press your seashell lightly into the sponge. You’re gonna actually want to push more up here, but I’m just trying to show you what you do and my camera is not cooperating, but you press this into here. And you’re gonna take the drill bit and you want to center it right about there, so you follow this little line here down just a little bit right here. You can mark it with a pencil if you’d like. I’m not going to. Now you’re gonna push the drill and you’re gonna drill the shell and you’re going to do it in small couple second increments… like so. If after a while, you start to drain the water out of your shell, Just take some more water (Oops! Make sure you’re using the right water container!) and dump it into your shell. You can also rinse some of the debris and the shell dust that’s kind of been created out of your shell. Pour some in there, and let’s get back to work, shall we? If you look, my shell almost has the hole going all the way through. This is the part where the drill can get a little touchy. It might snag on your sponge when it goes all the way through. Don’t freak out! Just make sure you keep a firm grip on the shell. And make sure you’re ready to release the button on the drill when that point comes. But don’t freak out!!! You’re almost there! Once you get to the point where your shell has the hole drilled all the way through, just lightly pull it off the drill. You might need to wiggle it a little bit. Just be careful so you don’t crack your shelf. And there you go! That is how you drill a hole in a seashell. It’s really not that difficult. It really isn’t, once you get the hang of it. You’ll be whipping out seashells like no other and then you can use them to create crafts! You can create mermaid necklaces for swimming with or just for everyday wear. You can use them to create Christmas ornaments, since Christmas is coming up, or string some lights into them for a summertime decoration around your mermaid cave. You can do all sorts of things with these awesome shells. So, stay tuned for tutorials making use of sea shells with a holes drilled in them. Such a simple concept yet so useful. Pretty soon. I will be teaching you how to make swimmable necklaces such as this one here… or my personal favorite and the one I use daily. This one here just a little more Gothic… And it has hair all over it, but this is the one I swim with all the time. This is one that I will be putting up for sale here very soon. Thanks guys for watching. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Please give it a thumbs up if you did and if you’d like to learn how to make these necklaces… please comment if you would like it to be the more Gothic, dark mermaid necklace first or the lighter, more cheerful and happy classic mermaid looking one first. Thanks for watching and have a very magical day! Look for links in description for the products that I used here and for things that you can find online that will just help you even if I didn’t use them. Bye guys! ♥