-I’m a big fan of talking
to anybody in a grocery store. -Even the other people shopping?
-Yeah, actually, yes. You see me walking towards you,
run away. That’s definitely something.
-In the grocery store, got it. -People look at
each other’s carts and they’re judgy and stuff. -Hi, I’m Dave.
-And I’m Mary Beth. -I’m just a guy who shoots video
for The Washington Post and brave enough
to take on any role. But the one thing
that scares me — cooking. -And I’m the food host
of The Washington Post, which means I get paid to cook. And now I get to do my dream job
with a friend. It’s time to “Teach Dave
To Cook.” All right, Dave. I know you want to cook
a three-course meal. -I do.
You know, I like chicken. -I think it would be really fun
to do a chicken dish, ’cause if you like chicken,
it is versatile, and it’s something that can sit
in the oven for a while. -Yeah.
-If you have people over, right? And then do you like sausage? -I love sausage.
-Yeah, I think that we should do a chicken dish with sausage.
-Okay. -And you said
a three-course meal, so maybe we’ll start
with a salad, which doesn’t sound exciting unless you think to yourself,
“You know what I can do? I can make my own vinaigrette.”
-I can do that? -Yes.
-Me? -And in any way that you like,
like with any vinegar you like, with a little cheese in it,
with some mustard. So, that’s good for two courses. How about dessert? -Chocolate will either make me
or break me. -Well, why don’t we do
something chocolate? How about a chocolate mousse?
-Okay. I’m for it.
-And then we can do, like, a very similar flavored
whipped cream for the topping. -I’m excited to make
chocolate mousse for my sister — her downfall. I can finally bring her down. -We’re not buying anything
that is speciality, right? -Okay. -Like, you could go
to a regular grocery store, you could go
to your corner market, you can go and buy this stuff. I love Wagshal’s because Pam
the Butcher is there. So, how often do you
go shopping? -I would say once every
two weeks about. -Do you feel like you’re, like,
a shopper who knows what you like
and what you don’t like? -I feel like I know
where the grocery store is. -Pam the Butcher! -How are you?
-Oh, I’m good. -It’s good to see you.
-It’s so nice to see you, too. -Yeah.
-So, this is my friend Dave. -Hi.
-Dave, friend Dave. Pam the Butcher. -Hi.
-This is Pam the Butcher. She’s a DC legend. -Okay.
So, this is the place to go? -I like to think so, yes. My father was a butcher,
both my brothers were butchers, my sister married
a butcher, okay? -This is where cooking starts. This is the most
important thing. If you learn nothing else
from this, cooking starts with ingredients. -So, what biggest piece
you thinking about? -I thought the thigh was
the biggest piece, but now I’m doubting myself. -Oh, the thigh —
chicken thighs, yeah. -Yeah. -Yeah, okay.
-Well, the breast is really bigger,
but I do have large thighs. -Good.
I want the chicken. -Me too! So, we’re gonna do
chicken thighs in a skillet. -Okay.
-We’re gonna sear them first. -Okay. -And then cook them
in some white wine with some herbs
and some sausage. -Oh, so having a little
sexy meal here. -The sexiest chicken meal
that you could think of. -But we do want the bones,
because we want the flavor in there.
-Okay, that’s fine. -Do you know if a chicken thigh
is white meat or dark meat? -I’m gonna just —
I have a 50/50 shot. I think it’s dark,
but I don’t know. -It is dark meat.
-Yes, okay. -Because dark meat
is generally — it has more fat. -Mm-hmm.
More flavor. -More flavor, yes. Yeah, I think most people,
if you ask them what part of the chicken
is their favorite, if they really did
a taste test — -They’d always pick the thigh. Always pick the thigh,
every time. -Okay. -In a blind taste test,
always pick the thigh. -‘Cause there’s that much
more flavor in it? -Mm-hmm. -Well, it also — like, chicken
breast can get kind of chewy, and thighs are just tender,
you know? Yeah, and then you’ve got
the bone in it, so when we cook
the chicken thigh in some stock and everything — we’re gonna get
some of Pam’s great stock. -Yep.
-When we cook the chicken thigh in the stock, the bone will
actually give more flavor to it. -My gosh.
The bone will give more flavor? -Yes, because the bone
has a ton of flavor. I mean, bones are how
you make stock. -This is all new to me.
-I know! That’s why we’re
teaching you to cook. So, maybe we’ll do six thighs? -Yes, let’s do it.
-Okay, that’s great. And this is a great thing
about having a butcher, is that, you know, you can
talk it through with them. I talk to Pam about how I
cook things all the time. -So, 4 1/2 pounds.
I think that’s plenty. -4 1/2 pounds
is definitely plenty. That’s a great-looking
chicken, too. So, the great thing
about chicken thighs, too, is that they are less
expensive than chicken breasts. And we also need some sausage
to cook with the chicken. So, what have you got? I see sweet Italian.
Do you have any hot Italian? That was my nickname
in high school. -So, I have hot Italian,
sweet Italian, chicken, garlic, and herb. -Okay, so, here’s the thing
about sausage, too, is that whatever you decide
to make the chicken dish with is going to take
on the flavor of that sausage. -Right. -Pam’s made
all these sausages with — -Yeah, we make all of
our sausages by hand, no electricity. I mean, you can see
little specks of fat. You put it in there by hand. -I like hot food, so — -I’ve got chorizo
or hot Italian. -Let’s do hot Italian, ’cause
that’s the first one you said. -Hot Italian?
So, we’re gonna do four? -‘Cause, you know,
what goes well with meat? Meat.
-Meat. More meat. -More meat.
-I believe Pam. -Always believe Pam. -I’ve known her
all of five minutes but — -Pam will become
your best friend. Pam hosted my law
school graduation party. -Graduation.
Oh, Lord. -I know, that was so long ago.
-That was such a long time ago. That was a long time ago. -I’ve known Pam for,
like, 20 years. I love you, Pam. -I love you, too.
Thank you, sweetheart. -Thank you so much.
-Good luck to you. You’re in good hands.
-Thank you. -All right, let’s go do
some more shopping. -All right.
-Now, here, we have lemons. -Sure.
-So, pick out a lemon that has — feels firm,
looks a little glossy. That’s a good lemon. -Did I pick a good lemon?
-You did. Lemon really brings out
the flavors of some things, and actually, lemon is a good
substitute for salt sometimes. -Good, because I have high
blood pressure, so that’s — -You do? -Yeah.
-Oh, don’t kill yourself. So, I also picked up
some radicchio. We’re going to use this
with some other hardy greens for our salad
because, with a vinaigrette, we want to get
some hardy greens. So I’m really excited
about that. I got some garlic. We’ve got a nice,
tight head of garlic. That’s what you want
to look for. -Tight meaning not
falling apart? -Yeah, exactly.
Like, you don’t want to see a clove of garlic
sticking out like that. -Okay, right.
-And no sprouts either. You want something
that’s really fresh. And then I’ve got
this beautiful parsley. Aww.
You’re so cute. -Thank you for that.
-So, let’s go over here. Got some thyme. -Of course. -Do you want to pick out
an onion for me? -I do.
-That would be great. -One of these onions?
-Yeah. -Okay.
How’s this guy? How do you know?
-That’s good. You just don’t want
any bruises on it. -Okay. -You can’t really
smell the onion. You know how some people
go around and they’re like — -Ah, it smells like skin. -And then maybe a bottle
of white wine. -Ooh.
So, which one should we get? -Well, you want to cook
with a wine that you would drink,
definitely, because any wine
that you put into a dish is gonna get concentrated
as it cooks, and it’s going to,
like, cook down. And the flavor’s gonna become
even more intense. Ooh.
You know what? I’m gonna do this. A French Chardonnay
is usually not oaky, so that’s a good one to get.
-All right. Can I show you my favorite part
of the grocery store? -Yep.
-Okay. Free samples. -Yes!
-Yes. -Literature and stacks
are my two passions. -Bring the plate.
-Ah, uh-huh. On the next
“Teach Dave To Cook.” Are you ready to make
a vinaigrette? -I better be. -Let’s make an amazing salad, which might just be a vehicle
for these cheesy croutons. -Look at that.
Oh, my God. -Get your hands messy
on the next episode. Get in there!
-This smells good.