hello garden lovers welcome back i m yog patel friends adenium is versatile plant you have seen many adenium grow from seeds ,grafting but in this show today i will saw you how to grow adenium from this cutting in easy way i have choose this cutting from one of my adenium plant which is growing well i have put this cutting 1 day in shadow the purpose of putting in shadow is to remove milk from cutting so it will nicely rooted for this you need this rooting powder with fungiside some compost & this potting soil potting soil is 60 to 70 % of river sand some cocopeat & compost in it 1st take your cutting deep in water slidely & rub it in this rooting powder this rooting powder contain some funiside too to protect this cutting from fungal infection like this properly cover your cutting with this rooting powder now insert slightly this cutting in to your potting soil press it slightly & fill this pot with water after watering your plant cover this cutting by this plastic bag purpose of covering the cutting to protect the plant from vira l infection or from direct sunlight after covering the plastic bag tight it with rubber or with string once your cutting process ready put this cutting plant in to shadow atlist 10 to 15 days or till new leaves coming now friends this my 1 to 2 year cutting plant i have grow this wonderfull adenium from cutting now its look so nice look at this i have made 3 other plant from cutting also this my 3 cuttings in rainy season i plant it in this pot now so its rooting look at this within 2 to 3 months you have this cudex nice looking so friends how easy how easy method to grow adenium from cuttin you can also do it easily i think you enjoy my video BY