Hi! I’m Justin Hancock gardening expert
with Costa Farms. Desert Rose are beautiful exotic plants
that are perfect for adding a tropical touch to your patio. If you’ve never grown a desert rose before, here are three easy tips to success. First of all, make sure they have a sunny
spot. Desert rose love the sun and they love
warm weather. The more sun they get, the more they’ll
bloom. If you put them in the shade, you probably won’t get any blooms at all. Second, these succulents actually store water in their thick trunks so don’t overwater your desert rose.
They’re super easy care you only need to water them once every
week or two if your area doesn’t get rain. Three, being from the tropics, Desert Rose
also like warm temperatures so make sure you protect them if it gets
below 50 degrees or so. If cool spells do threaten, bring them
in the house and then bring them back outside. And you
can even overwinter them inside as a houseplant. Follow these three easy
tips and you’ll be able to enjoy Desert Rose for a long long time. Happy gardening
from your friends at Costa Farms. theme