Hey Guys, you can add strawberry plant in your home garden very easily. & for this you need not to buy seeds. You can collect seeds from store bought strawberry fruit & grow them Even you can collect seeds from strawberry slices in fruit salad & grow them. In this video i will discuss complete process in detail with all updates. So do watch complete video to know every steps. Very first step is to extract seeds, Guys Strawberry seeds are present on fruit surface. You can extract them very easily using any sharp equipment. Seed extraction is really very easy, just you need to take care that Strawberry is fresh & mature, Do not take damaged seeds & be carefully not to damage seeds while extracting. We extracted required no. of seeds now we will talk about the seedling mix & time of planting Guys, Strawberry seeds need very well drain & organic matter rich media. Make a mix of 1 part cocopeat , 1/2 part perlite & 1/2 part vermicompost. Alternatives or per perlite are small brick pieces & Sand ( Construction Sand ) Mix well, & a perfect seedling mix for strawberry is ready I am using this plastic tray for growing seeds, these type of tray use to come with mushrooms so reusing it. If you want you can use seedling tray. I already made drainage hole at the bottom, I will first cover it with cocopeat. Add Seedling mix, & level it before planting seeds. Guys, avoid Summer & Winter months for growing seeds. Early & late winter time will be best for germination, like in INDIA October, November, January & february. Many of you can have question that it will able to survive in summer or not. Let me tell you if you are from asian climate it will survive in summer just a little bit care is required. In case you are planting in seedling tray try to add one seed in each compartment. If you are planting in such tray try to place seeds at equal distance. After planting, cover seeds with fine mix. You can sieve potting mix & than use fine particles for covering seeds. Strawberry seeds use to be very small so try not to burry seeds very deep. Sprinkle only small quantity of mix. For watering you can sprinkle water from a spray bottle or else you can water as i will mention. Place planted tray in a big tray & pour water in it, through capillary action potting mix will get moist. Guys, this method is also recommended in Succulents & Orchids. In the second tray, i have planted Kiwi on which i will upload a separate video. You can see tray is appropriately moist. Place both tray in indirect bright light. We will meet again with update Seed germination takes 10-15 days. Guys, germination time may increase or decrease depending upon temperature in your area. So, please keep seeds for germination at proper time like in India November & February for fast germination. After 18 days, one can observe little plants, but true leaves yet not came. these are cotyledonous leaves. After 28 days one can observe small true leaves. Will let it grow a bit more than we will transplant. After 38 days of planting seeds its time to transplant seedlings. If you wish you can let it grow for more 10-15 days. But it will be better to transplant to fasten plant growth. Plant which is behind the tray is previous year strawberry plant. This year i have transplanted in october & now plant is having lots of flowers & fruits. I will make a detailed video on this plant with all care tips so do subscribe prakriti’s Garden. For transplanting, i am using 1 part cocopeat + 1 part perlite or Brick pieces or a combination of both + 1/2 part vermicompost Here are some brick pieces to place at the bottom of pot & some powdered brick. These are Thermo-flexi Pot having lots of Drainage Hole In larger pot I will plant 4 seedlings & in smaller pot 1 seedling. Firstly place some brick pieces at the bottom so as to prevent potting mix from draining out. For small plants cocopeat use to be better as it fasten plant growth & tolerate summer. Pot is ready, now carefully transplant seedlings. While uprooting seedling be very careful not to damage its root. I am first uprooting crowded seedlings, so as to provide them separate space for growth. carefull seperate each plant & transplant them in individual pots. Do water after transplanting & do not add any fertiliser for coming 1 & half month. I will upload a detailed Summer care video on strawberry, So do subscribe my channel & hit bell icon. Hit thumbs up, if you liked this video & do share with friends & family. will meet again in next video. Bye Guys, Take Care, Happy Gardening, Green Earth, Healthy Earth & Happy earth.