hi I’m Alvin and today I’m going to be showing you how I came up with my recipe for eight desserts in one sheet pan when I try to come up with an idea for a recipe what I really want to do is be able to make people go like wow and really show them something that they are familiar with but maybe in a new way or maybe something that is new to them but in a familiar way it’s always about taking an element of something that people know twisting into making a cooler making it different combining with other things the end result is doing people go wow that’s sort of usually the approach I take when I want to really showcase food to people in a cool way so for the eight desserts in one sheet pan it kind of came from a time where it was the holidays I had seen a lot of videos kind of pop up around like you know desserts and baking and pie and Food Network actually released this one video that was pretty cool it was like four pies baked in the same sheet pan and to myself I was like wow like that’s really smart but can I take and even a little further I know that pie is just one dessert there are a lot of desserts out there and a lot of baked goods that people like to eat my hunch was that around you know Christmas time around the holidays usually yet these Publix or parties there would be a wide spread of desserts you know Ranger cookies – brownies – cheese cakes – pies I think this crazy idea came about because in my head I was like man what happens if you just kind of put all those desserts together like is there a way to take every single dessert that everybody loves and turn it into just one thing I think that’s kind of how the idea was born is I basically thought of what can I use to serve this giant dessert and how do I make sure that everybody gets a piece they want because sometimes when you bring a dessert to a party not everybody likes brownies not everybody likes cheesecakes but is there a way to make sure that no matter who you are at the party you’re gonna have one piece that’s gonna speak to you and that’s how I’ve sort of designed this eight desserts in one sheet pan I wanted to sort of build it in a way where if you cut it in the precise manner you would end up with just like a bunch of different flavors you wouldn’t really cut it just along where the flavors met but you’d be able to get pieces or bars that would have two flavors three flavors and the golden crown is when you get that piece with all four flavors in them the challenge with designing this was that but no matter what piece you get the flavor should still go together so you kind of have to play this weird like matte mix and match game of like do these two flavors go together okay if this goes together with this and this must be next to here there was a lot of mean or drawing things on a piece of paper and crumpling it up like you do in the movies and throwing it in the trash can kind of restarting and after a lot of trial and error I managed to get a certain layout of which deserts should go to which area in the pan so that no matter which piece you got would always taste great I’m super super proud of this dish I’d love if you would all make it this year a lot of people are intimidated by it and aren’t sure if all the desserts would bake together but actually I was able to make it on my first try and I really think you could too and just really customize it how you want if you do make it hit me up slide in my DMS throw me a little pic oh god it sounds so weird if you do end up making it I want to see how you customize it hit me up send me a DM show me what you got oh oh yeah [Music] [Music]