Ro: Hello, welcome to another Nerdy Nummies! Today I have… Ro: Davis! Davis: WHOA!! Davis! Ro: Yooo from The Warp Zone NMMOMG Davis: MMOMG Ro: MMMOMG. Davis: It’s not that hard, it’s like Davis: couple different letters. Ro: Today, we are going to make Ro: a Captain America cake, I saw this cake on Reddit. Davis: Yeah. Ro: Did you see it on Reddit? Davis: I did not, I did not see it on Reddit. Ro: It was awesome and I Ro: give full credit to them. It was so cool
that I wanted to make one for my self. Ro: And Davis is a big Captain America fan, so I had to have him come help me. Davis: I’m a huge Captain America fan, so much so that I brought… Davis: My shield. Ro: What? Davis: Yeah. Ro: These are so cool, it’s like, bigger than I am. The tools that we’ll be using will be: Davis: Rolling pin, knife Davis: Spatu-li and cake leveler Ro: Boom! We’ll also need 2 spoo, oh! Ro: 2 spoons, not 1, 2 for Ro: each of the food dye. We’ll need red and blue. uh 2 bowls, Ro: 2 round cake pans, these are 8 inch. Ro: Big mixing bowl and… A measuring cup Ro: Bahahaha! Davis: You’re like a worse Davis: woman than I am. Ro: Let’s bake a cake. Davis: OK, what’s this called. Ro: We’re gonna put in 1 box cake. Davis: One box cake. Ro: Yeah! Davis: The whole thing? Ro: Yeah, Ro: just dump in the whole thing, you can get messy. Davis: Oh thank god! I thought I was gonna have to measure it out, no this is good! Ro: No, you’re gonna use one box cake with white box cake mix. Then you’re gonna take Ro: 1 and 1/4 cup of water Ro: Now we’re gonna do. Davis: What is that? That’s oil? Ro: Yeah, 1/3 cup of oil. Davis: How are you measuring this? Ro: Oh it’s on this side. Davis: You can just see through it? Ro: Yeah I’m like, I’m like have X-Man power’s Davis: Or Superman… X-Ray? Ro: Oh… Davis: You get it. Ro: Yeah, I know…. Mmmmm. Now you’re gonna crack 4 eggs Ro: and remember just, you just want the
whites, you don’t want the yolk because the yolk Ro: is yellow and it will make our cake yellow and we want it white. Davis: So how do you do this? Ro: And you kind of jiggle to yolk back and forth. Davis: Oh that doesn’t look hard at all! Davis: Well. Ro: And then the white falls. Davis: Guess I say that now. OK Ro: OK, your turn. Oh crap. Davis: Oh ****. Ro: OK. Davis: OK. Ro: You got it, Davis: So crack it. Ro: In half. Davis: Nobody watch me. Ro: And hold that yolk! Ro: Oh no! Hahaha! Davis: What did, what am I doing wrong? Davis: Am I, am I, is it I’m too strong? Ro: You don’t want to give up! Davis: Am I too strong? Is that my problem? Ro: He’s too strong, you’re too strong. Ro: OK, so crack, little bit more. OK yeah, oh! Ro: Oh no! Ro: Now that we have successfully combined all of our ingredients, Ro: we’re gonna whisk. Mix these all
together for about two minutes Ro: on a medium speed. Davis: On medium speed? Ro: Well that’s if you have like, an electric
beater. But I don’t use those anymore. Davis: Yeah. Ro: Because I got shocked. Davis: That’s why you shouldn’t use them in the shower. Is this medium speed? Ro: That’s a little fas… a little faster. Davis: Is this too fast? A little slower? Sometimes it helps to be slow. Ro: Once your cake batter is all mixed, we’re gonna pour them into these little bowls. Ro: And that’s where we’re going to mix in the dye. I left batter in the bowl because this will Ro: be our white cake. We’re gonna make Ro: three cakes: 1 red, 1 blue and 1
white. So you just scoop. Davis: It’s edible? Ro: Yeah it’s edible. Davis: You can? OK, I guess even if you had said no I’d still eat it. Ro: So you take a little scoop out Davis: Yeah, how much? Like that much? Ro: Yeah, a little scoop. Ro: And then put it in there. Davis: And mix it. Ro: And you mix them Ro: around. Davis: Wow, yours is like, already there, hold on, let me catch up. Ro: Before you put in your batter, you’re gonna want to spray your pan, so your cakes don’t stick. Ro: Here you go. Davis: Available in stores everywhere! Ro: Pam Baking spray. Davis: You guys should, you should try to get a brand deal from Pam. Ro: I should! Ro: I don’t know why I haven’t done that. Or box cakes, that’s like all I use. Davis: Since I gave you the idea, I expect a cut. Ro: Are you ready? Davis: Yeah Ro: Pour. Ro: What do you want your percentage to be? Davis: Ugh, all! Ro: 100%? Look, that’s not a cut, that’s the Ro: whole thing. Ro: Once you dump all your batter in you’re gonna just smooth it out. Ro: Once you’ve got all the batter in the pan and you’ve spread it out evenly, you’re gonna throw Ro: these in the oven Ro: Uh, temperature is going to be at 350, and you’re gonna throw it in for about 30 Ro: minutes. Once your cakes are all done
baking, we’ll have the red cake. Ro: the white cake and the blue cake. Ro: Make sure they’ve had plenty of time to
cool off and now we’re going to cut Ro: and frost them. Davis: But Ro, something is different about the red cake. Ro: What? Davis: It’s been cut into Davis: 3 equal pieces. Ro: Yes, we’re going to rotate red, white, Ro: red, white, red, white, red. Davis: Are these all cut in 3? Ro: Well, since Davis already spoiled it, I’ll show you how to cut them. Ro: Um, these were pre-cut because Davis: I, I spilled this. no one saw that one coming Ro: I didn’t know if I could trust him, I didn’t know if he could cut these. Ro: So you set your cake leveler like this and then you just walk it through. Ro: Do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do and remember just make sure your cake has had plenty of time to cool. You don’t Ro: want to do this when they’re still warm. Ro: Because they’ll just crumble and fall apart. And then Ro: ta-da! Now we’re going to layer cakes
red, white, Ro: red, white and frost them in between. The frosting kind of acts like Ro: glue for the next cake. And you just want to put a really thin, thin layer. Davis: Do you know, do you know how hard it is to not Davis: shove this in my mouth right now? For those out there like me who don’t understand why, why Davis: do you want thin instead of thick frosting? Davis: That was, that was an honest question. Ro: What, really? Davis: Yeah! I don’t know, like why do you want it thin? What if you made it evenly thick? Ro: I know it’s hard. Davis: Like it was super thick but it was still. Ro: That’s hard for me. Davis: You have a, Davis: you have an automatic level. I feel like this could have so many more uses than just leveling cakes. Ro: You can also use this to strangle people. Davis: Ahaha! Ro: Hahaha! Ro: Pick up layer 2, be really careful, it will, it will break. Ro: And put it right on, right on top, you can do it! Davis: OK, OK, OK! Ro: Boom! Davis: No! It’s slightly askew. Ro: That’s OK, that’s OK! Ro: We’ll just wiggle it. Isn’t there a theme song Ro: to Captain America? Davis: The Star-Spangled Banner? Davis: I feel like America’s songs are his songs. Ro: Was that a dumb question? Because he’s a super hero I thought, doesn’t he have a song? Ro: OK, I’m gonna do the red, are you ready? Davis: I don’t think he had like a TV Show in his family he’s been on a lot but. Davis: Oh wow, make it look so easy! Ro: Now we’re gonna build a second Ro: stack, white, red, white. Ro: And you’ll see, because we’re gonna cut the inverse Ro: of the flag in the middle and then. I’ll show you it’s magic. Ro: It’s really cool, it’s magic just trust, do you trust me? Davis: You sound like a crazy person. Ro: OK, once you Ro: finish frosting the second cake just make sure you don’t frost the top, you don’t need to yet. Ro: And the reason is because, Ro: we’re gonna cut out the inner part of the cake and stick it on top. Ro: And then we’re gonna put the blue around it, so that when you cut into it will look Ro: like the American flag which is awesome. Ro: We’re gonna just put that. Davis: Is that just the top of the Ro: That’s gonna be the guide, you hold it down and I’m not gonna Ro: cut off your fingers. That’s gonna be my promise Ro: And I’m just gonna… Davis: Do you see where it should be? Ro: Try to eyeball it. Davis: Just walk it! Davis: Just walk it around. Ro: Walk it around. Gonna make cut. Davis: Cut from the outside. Ro: Yep! And I just kinda pry it off. Davis: Oh it peels. Davis: Um, that’s, can be eaten right now right? Davis: Like thats… Ro: No! No, no, no, not yet! Davis: Is it being used? Ro: Not yet, well, we can eat it as a snack in a sec Ro: Just a second! Next we’re gonna cut out the blue one Ro: I put this one in the freezer for a little
while, about 10 minutes to make it a Ro: little bit easier to move it. Ro: OK, we’re gonna do the same thing only we’re not gonna cut out the middle, we’re gonna cut out… Ro: We actually want the round piece. Ro: OK so we have to take the outer Ro: and put it around and hope that it
just fits. Kinda pop out the middle Ro: Huh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh! Davis: Did it, nailed it! Ro: Oh, oh, just wiggle it, just wiggle it, just make it fit. Davis: Oh my god it worked! It worked-ish. Ro: Pro! Pro! Pro! Davis: It’s working! Ro: Pro! Davis: It’s working! Phantom Menace reference. Ro: BOOM! We did it! Uh, uh, uh hahahaha Yes! Ro: OK, now you’re gonna frost the whole thing. Ro: After you finish rolling out your
fondant like we did. Davis: Mmmhmm. Ro: Um, now we’re gonna put it Ro: Over the cake, this parts a little bit tricky because it’s very large Ro: and I am not so much a pro but, we’ll
do this! Davis: And, go! Ro: Placement, placement! Davis: Placement, it’s on. Ro: Perfect! Ro: OK, now take this stuff off. Once you’ve got the fondant on top, you’re just Ro: gonna lightly press on the sides the cake, Ro: to get the fondant to stick to all the sides. Ro: Now what you want to do is roll out the blue fondant, and I already did Ro: this beforehand, and I rolled it into a long strip Ro: and I just cut a really long rectangle.
So it looks like this, Ro: And we’re gonna stick this all the way around the cake. Ro: Ta-da! We just finished cutting out all the red stripes, Ro: and now we’re gonna add the last shape. Davis: The final touches. Ro: We already cut these out, they’re ready to go. Ro: OK, are you ready? Davis: Yeah, well. Ro: Put this on. Ro: Last piece, final piece, going onto the cake right… Now! Ro: Ta-da! We finished our Captain America cake, it’s so Ro: cool. I cannot wait to cut into this. Thank You Davis Ro: For helping me. Davis: Awwww! Ro: Thank you, we did it, we did it! Davis: Thank you for having me. Ro: We did it! We did it! We did it! Davis: And teaching me a lot about Davis: cake. Ro: And fondant? Davis: And fondant, fondant! Ro: ‘dant? Ro: If you have any other suggestions for
any other Nerdy Nummies please let me Ro: know, and leave me a comment and I’ll do my best to make them happen. Ro: And a big, special thank you to the originator of this idea that we found on Reddit. Ro: She has a Tumblr Ro: And the Tumblr name is… Davis: Love and Lots of Sugar. Ro: Love and Lost of Sugar! So thank you! I hope you like it! Ro: OK, bye-bye!