Frankie S.: I actually used to do a lot of
rock climbing, and we would … The perfect climbing temperatures are about two to five
degrees. I mean, I spent so much time climbing in this
particular temperature range that I can tell you exactly how that smell plays in my head. The idea was for me to try and capture different
components of that, what I remember, and recreate that. My name is Frankie Solarik, and today we are
going to be making for you, our infamous, “Spring Thaw.” We have here our aromatic component of the
cocktail, proportioned accordingly to mimic the essence of spring, the thaw, or the smell
of springs. We then are going to place some dry ice directly
onto the oil. There’s no reason to say that you have to
be confined to particular vehicles of flavor, and glassware, and all these different things. Create your own expression, create a new language,
and create new classics. Okay, so we have a Spherified Campari and
vanilla Granita. Campari, which is a better orange liqueur. Vanilla simple syrup, and water. So that we can actually, first of all freeze
it, press it into a sphere. At which point at the end of the cocktail,
it’ll be able to break apart the ice sphere, and eat it as a palette cleanser, as a Granita. Get a few scoops of our grapefruit orange
blossom and vanilla air. The whole thing that we do here as far as
making everything in house, a lot of people don’t actually understand how easy it is to
go out, purchase things like star anise, chamomile, lavender, all these different components that
you can actually go home and make your own bitters, and make your own flavored syrups. It creates a beautifully, amazing, complex
end cocktail when incorporating the utilization of viscosity and mouth feel with simple syrups. We would then pour our cocktail over the ice
sphere, so the cocktail itself is gin based, we do sparkling wine, chamomile syrup. Then lastly we have our aromatic component
to accompany the flavor profile of the liquid, and really kind of kick in that emotional
multi sensorial, and visceral experience. We have our essence of spring. Enjoy.