Today, I want to show how you can make this
Ferrero Rocher Chocolate tree. These are very easy to build and make a great centerpiece. Here’s what you’ll need to get started:
-Find a container that’s roughly 6 inches tall and 6 inches wide at its largest diameter
-Get a 3/4-inch wooden rod that’s at least 18 inches long
-And a 6 inch Styrofoam ball -A small bag of ready-to-use concrete mix
-Paint to decorate the rod -A water based craft sealer like this Mod
Podge -Brushes to spread the paint and glue
-Gold tissue paper, the kind used in gift wrap
-A box of round toothpicks -And best of all, the Ferrero Rocher chocolates.
You’ll need about a hundred , but be sure to get extra because some always end up missing. To begin building the tree, mark and cut the
wooden rod at 18 inches. Both ends are hidden, so don’t worry if the cut isn’t perfect. Using
a standard size rod you’ll end up with two matching pieces. Next, begin to paint the rod…or the tree’s
trunk. For the base coat I recommend gold metallic paint. Notice that about 2 or 3 inches
on each end doesn’t need to be painted and can be used for support. Once the base-coat dries, sponge-on dark brown
paint to add contrast and create depth. Together, all these colors work well to compliment the
chocolate’s packaging. If you have a 1/2-inch drill bit, use it,
but otherwise use a kitchen knife to carve a ½-inch round hole in the Styrofoam. Make
the hole 3 inches deep, and use the left over rod to finish out the hole. Using the natural folds in the tissue paper,
find the intersection nearest the center of the sheet. Refold the sheet, and use a pen
and piece of string to mark a 9-½ inch arc on the paper. Cut the folded paper on this
line, and when unfolded, the 9-½ inch radius will reveal a 19 inch circular sheet of paper…the
perfect size to wrap the 6 inch ball. Next, cut 8 slits into the circle. Make the
cuts half-way to the center of the circle and equally spaced. Place the Styrofoam ball
on the center of the circle with the hole facing up. Use a brush to spread the glue onto the section
of the tissue paper. Carefully wrap the paper onto the sphere while forming the end of the
section into the hole of the sphere. Working on opposite sides, continue to glue and wrap
the sections towards the hole. Try to keep the sections as flat and tight as possible
on the sphere…only compressing the paper together as it gets closer to the opening.
Tuck the very end of the section into the hole as you finish each piece. Continue working around the ball on opposite
sides as much as possible. The last sections will overlap the earlier pieces resulting
in a well-blended pattern. I’ve time compressed this whole sequence so you could get an idea
of exactly what’s involved in putting the whole piece together. Although this scene is playing back very fast,
it’s the same technique over-and-over. It isn’t difficult to do and doesn’t take very
long. In fact, this whole scene took about 5 minutes to shoot. And don’t forget, a moist
paper towel works well to remove any unwanted glue. When all of the sections have been completed,
reinsert the rod into the opening to reshape the hole and to secure the ends. From here,
just add a coat of sealer to the entire exterior of the sphere. It dries completely clear and
it keeps everything together and strengthens the paper. While it dries, you can continue
working on the base of the tree. Once the paint on the rod is dry, attach a
piece of string with a tack or a hook. If the container has a hole in the bottom,
just cover it with a piece of tape. We’ll use this inexpensive concrete to fill
the base. Pour the dry mix into a bucket and slowly add water while mixing. Add more water
and mix until everything is thoroughly blended together, but be careful not to add too much
water. Check the directions for the recommend amount. A good blend has the consistency of
thick oatmeal. When it’s ready, fill the base with the cement.
Although the mixture looks lumpy here, it’s actually quite moist. Smooth the concrete
and insert the rod into the center of the vase…pushing it all the way to the bottom.
Continue to smooth the surface, but don’t tell my wife I used her kitchen tools to do
this. Once everything’s in place, it needs time
to dry. To keep the rod straight, use the string to hold it in place. Just attach it
to a table and position the vase so everything’s aligned while it dries. With the ball on top of the completed base,
begin placing the chocolates. Just push a toothpick into a chocolate. And by putting
force on the toothpick and not the chocolate push it into the Styrofoam. Repeat this in
a “Mohawk” shape across the sphere. For the next row, offset the alignment and
complete the row. Repeat this pattern for the remainder of the sphere until both sides
are fully populated. Just add a decorative bow, and you’re finished. An amazingly awesome, and delicious centerpiece…Ready
for your big event. I hope you found the video helpful. Thanks
for watching.