Hey folks it is Barry here welcome to my virgin
kitchen as you know I have just got back from America and today I am replicating something
extremely naughty that I had over this is a fluffernutter basically a grilled cheese
sandwich with peanut butter and marshmallow in except with this one it was a bit more
gourmet it had banana and a dark chocolate pot oh wow!
Yes that was absolutely sensational, loads of you have asked for a fluffernutter before
but I had never had one. So now I have had one properly I wanted to make one myself if
you want to have a go at making this banana optional chocolate optional but please do
that, so so good. Hit pause on the video now write down these ingredients, lets do it.
So to make the fluffernutter the first thing to do just like making a grilled cheese is
grab your two slices of bread and butter each side, now all you do once you have a good
old coating on there is flip them over so they are butter side down and start to add
on the peanut butter I used smooth peanut butter but you could use crunchy if you like
so get your peanut butter on there. Then coat with your marshmallow fluff you can completely
bombard it on there or just put a smaller amount on there, the more you put on the more
it will get all gooey and messy when you cook it you may like it like that, then simply
add your banana slices or strips. I went for strips today as I was feeling a bit kinky.
Then you get one of those and flip that sandwich piece on top of the other piece of bread and
that is basically the sandwich made. All you do now is add it to a pan over a medium to
low flame, remember we do not lubricate the pan because the butter on the bread does that
for us. Cook it for around 3 minutes either side until lightly golden brown flipping it
with a spatula. Once it is all done rest it down and cut into
wedges and shove it in your chocolate dumping pot looking absolutely amazing, as you saw
at the start of the video I loved it. Phoebe do you like it? Can you give us a noise that
shows how much you like that right now? �yeeeeeeey!� amazing ok then so if you try this recipe
send me a picture @myvirginkitchen remember the banana and chocolate are optional let
me know what you want to see next and we will see you again next time. Bye.