Hi, Today I want to show you How I will make a recepy for Halloween and I will do pudding hand In medium saucepan over medium heat I will, heat milk and now I add red agar. In a bowl,I will combine milk and pudding. and I will pour this mixture into hot milk to dissolve. and I will continue to cook and stir until mixture thickens. Do not boil. Now I add suggar and raisins. Now I remove saucepan from heat. and I pour pudding into the glove. I use fruits too. and now I will chill little bit pudding before I put it into the freezer. Next day I decorated plate with nugat yogurt and cocoa and I made mouse from pear. and now I will remove pudding hands from glove. Don’t worry about broken fingers. Now I put hand on the decorated plate. and I will decorate hand little bit with food color – red. I use again nougat yogurt and cocoa. and now I put on the hand little bit candy and I have finish. Here is my pudding hand for Halloween and it look scary. Please subscribe to me or leave me message what you think. and you can leave me message what you want see next time – in next video. BYE