hey everyone it’s James from FunFoods and today I’m going to make this 3-ingredient oreo cookie ice cream cake now this is a beautiful recipe and I got it over from the chef fanatic youtube channel so go over check it out and put a link in the description below and i will put all those little cards above he has some amazing recipes on that channel and I think you’re going to love them too so for right now keep watching and I’ll show you step-by-step how to make this now the first thing I’m going to do is start off with a package of oreo cookies i’m going to use all but six of these for the crust part so just remove six of them the reason i do that because it comes in a package of 36 so if you have one of those bigger packages just use 30 i’m using a food processor for this step but if you don’t have one don’t worry all you need is a large ziploc bag put your Oreo cookies in there and zip it up you something heavy to smash them down into little bits but don’t take the easy way but once these have all been crunched up into little tiny pieces now we’re going to take this and put it into a medium bowl and I have five tablespoons of melted butter I’m going to pour it in here and mix it up real good for next step i have a springform pan these are more of these pans that pop off on the sides and the bottom comes out you have any baking store Walmart Amazon just about anywhere they sell them. and i’m going to just fill the bottom of this with my crust my oreo crust and you can use a spoon and just kind of press it down firmly try to make it as even as possible now i have a large bowl here i put a half of gallon of regular vanilla ice cream in it I let it melt down on its own and so it’s come to about this consistency where it’s easily to start easy to stir but arm not to melted I don’t want to be like soup i want it still to be thick and what I’ve done was when we pulled aside and we left six of those oreo cookies out i’m using three of them right now and do one at time I’m just gonna crumble up my hands you can put in a baggie and just crush it if you want or crumbled up right into this ice cream and they could be as big or as little as you want the chunks it up to you it’s whatever your preference is now just take this and mix it through get all those chunks mix through completely and i’m bringing back my crust now all going to do is take this and pour it into the container all in there and then just spread it out evenly when you have that done we can decorate this number of different ways you can crumble up some more and put on the top or you can cut oreo cookies in half which is a challenge and kind of go around and decorate the edges and if you have one that didn’t cut good just crumble that up real small bits and sprinkle it on the top now what you want to do is put this in the freezer for at least four to six hours when I like to do is put on a baking sheet so that if any of it leaks out before it starts to firm up it won’t go all over my freezer just like so now after about 4 or 5 hours in the freezer this is nice and firm i’m going to just separate it from its a springform pan what I’m going to do before i do that is just take a butter knife or something like this and go around the edges because we want to make sure it doesn’t stick to it just so it has a nice clean look and we just pop off the sides pull it through now it’s time for the taste test I’m going to dig into this i know it’s gonna be delicious but try it out anyway so good cookies and cream ice cream is awesome you got to give us a shot it’s real simple to do try it out for yourself well thanks everyone for watching I hope you enjoyed watching me make this 3-ingredient or a cookie ice cream cake and if you enjoyed this video please hit that like button also hit that big red subscribe button if you’re not already subscribed to get new videos every week and be sure to check out some of the videos i have off to the side especially the 3-ingredient oreo cookie ice cream cake that they made over at chef fanatic I think you’re gonna love that too and as always i’ll see you next week