Okay so we’re going to be trying to make
a mermaid smoothie with this we just went about this and even this glass we
were going to try to find a clear clear line like glass but this we thought was
even better so let’s get started first first they made like a little ship like
small and it’s not chocolate chip will you use candy melts pretty hot day so
there are a little melted already and I’ve never used this before so I don’t
really know anything yeah like I said it’s a hot day so it kind of melted
already but and let’s see what it tastes like well this one is actually strawberry yeah remember use these before and the
other ones don’t have a flavor so I want those taste like I’m not sure exactly
mmm how they’re gonna change their filter gonna taste up like candy okay
yeah so the UH the first actually the show that we’re kind of doing this from
it was big teal lilac and pink but these we got blue green and pink close enough
a little obsessive even in it but they don’t have it so yeah we got without the
UM candy melts from Party City so I’ll just write about these okay the under start was a little bit of
blue Club I mean I’ve never worked with you before little this doesn’t look nice express that alright we’re trying to
make like a weird I’m not sure I’m gonna explain it like a chick yep this isn’t working so this probably
won’t work this part is probably gonna be a fail but the other part just might
work yeah this part yeah it’s not gonna work you know I’m just gonna kind of go crazy
put this all around put this one here and then just here and then just spread
it around so the video on using the strong is well
I’m trying to do what they did and that’s not working but now we have to
free this I think so I’m making the strawberry milk right
now I just did the strawberry part now it’s
fed to add two cups of milk I’m not sure if I’m in enough strawberry weird syrup
singing to make that work but I guess I’m gonna try keep that weird like sweet
and nice and tasty beer that makes sense okay so we now we have to add the white
chocolate and I think you’re supposed to put it back on here so it says four ounces about for me I’ve
got like six ounces nope nope that’s for like four put around the rim
we have slender way to candy mouth and silver so like we did before that Gordon and whipped cream who’s gonna make a mess okay okay so I’m all just going to work some
my Spiros is not up my fears that it’s not gonna come up this isn’t gonna come
off but I think for the most yeah it’s sticky on some parts we’re
gonna yeah we’re gonna have to work a little bit on this well we need a break
like a piece off and I think because it’s like frozen now it’s just gonna
break everywhere like that so I’m thinking what’d you just do make this I’ll stay there it’s a stable life I’m gonna use this
stabilizer right there non-starter Oh straws and I’m gonna trance it’s pretty good and remember murmee
desert DIYs are amazing and so are you hey and if you like mermaids
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