hi it’s Lindsay For Goutez and today we’re making a pumpkin cake in the toaster
oven come on follow me it’s really really easy so let’s get ready to bake
first of all you want to heat up your toaster oven at 350 set it forget it for
now we need some eggs pumpkin puree brown
sugar butter flour of course vanilla essence some nutmeg nuts for crunch
we need cinnamon allspice baking powder and baking soda easy easy
we’re gonna add all our dry ingredients together and set it aside our flour our
cinnamon our allspice baking powder your baking soda
set it aside for now we need to cream our butter and our sugar so here we go
our butter is really nicely room temperature you want to go at it it’s
time to you know work out if you’re doing by hand just remember it needs to
be a thick and smooth paste see click click paste all right so this
is it now we are going to add our three eggs so one second egg two and whoops
and I don’t know if I told you about your eggs need to be room temperature we
mix here working those biceps we think that rift but my pumpkin trick
mmm smells good already okay so this is my pumpkin puree don’t
forget you needed to set your toaster oven at 350 all we need to do now is add
our flour a little bit at a time goes a long way see even though there’s a lot
of flour in here when you go through with your spatula it’s doubly light hmm
smells amazing add some vanilla essence and of course our nuts
[Music] our nutmeg just gonna give us another
layer of our fall flavors ah you’re just gonna mix it let’s fill our mold
they are buttered and floured already you fill up for the in the toaster oven
let’s take for 35 minutes and we’re going to be ready to decorate and of
course taste [Music] hey we’re back and we’re ready to ice
our cakes buttercream and also cream cheese inside we’ll have cream cheese [Music] this is one scoop but I feel like I’m
missing a little bit more I like to put some nuts if you don’t it’s okay and
then we’re gonna go and add our second layer on top this way we are going to
use our other icing which is our buttercream icing to just put on the
side going around we’re not looking for perfect perfect we’re looking for that
rustic kind of charm I just say when the for decoration I’ve some nuts again it’s
gonna taste amazing just enough to add some color
good old caramel so this is our cake we made it into
toaster oven we didn’t use any really really fancy
fancy machinery it was simple and it’s delicious
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