A lot of people ask me, “Suzelle, how do I please all my guests at the Christmas party?” When everyone’s got such different tastes and personalities That is why today I’m going to show you how to make a spectacular dessert Christmas tree. It will be a piece of resistance at a party You will need rice krispies, some marshmallows, butter, sweeties, chocolates, fruit and deserts, toothpicks, some packets and a scissors And finally a traffic cone. I borrowed this from the police Cut up your packets, and use them to line your traffic cone Hello. Suzelle mix your butter and marshmellows in the pot. Stir it and add your rice krispies. mix it all together, mmmm delicious Sticking to me like glue, like somebody else I know. fill your traffic cone with the rice krispie mixture. Keep going.. Give it about half an hour to set. I’m just reading my book Pull out the cone. Now for the fun part guys, let’s assemble our Christmas tree use toothpicks to secure your meringue, cookies, sweeties and chocolates. mmm, marshmallows. There’s it And there you have it, a spectacular dessert Christmas tree, perfect for my Christmas feast. because Marianne has invited her siblings. They’re a little bit weird.. Here it is, the dessert is ready! What you having Marius? A marshmallow, I knew it! He looks like a tough guys this one, but he’s really a softy in his heart. Aren’t you Marius? Minnette, are you having a chocolate? I knew it, that’s why I put it on there. And Marianne’s having a koeksister, obviously Best Christmas ever guys! No that’s enough Marianne