let’s start with the basics getting a handle on meringue with birds nests to get ready before I start whipping the egg whites we’re going to trace six circles on a sheet of parchment paper I just used a cookie cutter and a magic marker and just trace inside what’s important is that you flip the parchment over so that the marker actually won’t transfer onto the meringue but you can see through so I can follow as I trace along to start a meringue for six portions I use two egg whites it is very important that your egg whites are at room temperature or even warm you can pull out your eggs a couple hours ahead or you can always immerse the whole eggs in their whole shell in hot water just hot tap water for about two to three minutes and they’ll warm up quickly to room temperature the room-temperature eggs actually stretch to a higher volume and are stronger than eggs whipped directly from the fridge and cold that’s important you want a nice fluffy light meringue and another little nuance just a small addition a quarter teaspoon of cream of tartar and the acidity in the cream of tartar gives the egg whites strength and stretch so again it’s all about getting this volume in the egg whites I add that at the beginning of the process if you don’t have cream of tartar you can use lemon juice or white vinegar just double up on the measurement it’s important to start the mixer first on slow speed and gradually work up to a higher speed again it’s all about getting all volume once you see the whites get foamy then you know it’s time to add the sugar half a cup for two egg whites if you know you’re making a French a common meringue the ratio is 1/4 cup of sugar for everyone egg whites it’s important to slowly add the sugar to the egg whites as you’re mixing that way the sugar dissolves in and give the line [Music] you can see the sugar really lent strength to the meringue this looks more the texture of marshmallow than anything else nice and glossy I have a piping bag fitted with a star tip look at that string beautiful and just like piping whipped cream or frosting or anything with a light touch i trace first on the inside of the circle a thin layer and then a ring around the top so that leaves the center as it rises up a little bit and expands you’ll have that nest it leaves a nice little spot for the cream and the fruits and there we go I’ve preheated the oven to 300 degrees and as soon as I put them in the oven I’ll turn it down to 275 and you have to give the meringues time 45 to 60 minutes [Music] and here we go you can see as they bake the meringues expand a little bit and then your test to see if they’re truly done is to lift it and if it comes loose off the parchment paper then you know it’s dry all the way through I’ve got some already cooled and ready to assemble I’ve got 3/4 of a cup of whipping cream and I find anything less than I test i can easily whip by hand just before the cream is fully whipped I’ll add just a loose tablespoon of sugar just a little bit to sweeten it it’s a touch of vanilla and the moment you add vanilla to whipped cream it takes on a fancy renamed it’s called Chantilly cream it sounds more elegant on a menu so to assemble beautiful bird’s nest dollop in the cream and talk with your favorite assortment of fresh berries [Music] there we go that’s impressive we’ve mastered a French meringue and have a beautiful dessert to show for