I’m Lorelie and welcome to wedding cakes
for you cake tutorials. Before we get started make sure you subscribe to my
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new video. In this video I’m going to show you how to make buttercream succulents to decorate cupcakes or cakes I started playing around with these the
other day and they are so much fun. I will show you how to pipe each plant
individually freeze them and then place them on your cupcakes
you can also pipe them directly onto a cupcake but this is a little easier to
manage the tips that I use in the video are a number 81, a variety of round tips
including one three five and twelve a large Wilton 1m star, a couple of
different sized petal tips. Here’s the 101 the 102 and the 104 and this is the
number 12 round. A variety of star tips I use 14, 18 and 22, a leaf tip, I use the
352. You will need a batch of buttercream. If you want to make this sandy effect on
your cupcakes you will need graham cracker crumbs and
or gold sparkle sugar crystals you can also mix them together like I did here.
Start with a thin layer of buttercream on your cupcake then dip it into the
crumbs. Now I stuck them back in the freezer for
a while. Let’s start with a large cactus I’m going to show you two ways to do a
cactus starting with the easier way. Now using a bag filled with a moss green
buttercream and a 1M tip pipe onto a flower now that has a piece of wax
paper on it. Okay now squeeze the bag give it just a little jiggle and you’re
also holding the bag at 90 degrees slowly pull up and release. Pipe a small
flower on top with either a star tip, which is the easiest way to do it, or a
very small petal tip which is what I’m using here. I’m piping four petals
basically little ruffles to give it the appearance of a flower.
Now using a very small round tip pipe little dots on the edges of the cactus.
These ones are a bit too large use a tip one for this if you want a smaller dot. Now for the smaller cactus. You simply
use a smaller star tip. Pipe a tiny flower on top and you’re done. This is a
really pretty one. This is similar to a mum. Using the number eighty one tip and
a bag filled with a grey violet buttercream make a circle of petals holding the bag at 45-degree angle. As you move inward toward the center the bag is
held at more of a ninety degree. Now with a mix of purple and green in a
bag fitted with a star tip simply squeeze pull and release until you form
a mound of spikes. This round cactus with yellow accents is
my favorite. Begin with the number 12 round and pipe a blob of icing as large
or as small as you want then switch the tip to a small round number 5 that’s the
one I used. Pipe round dots equally around the mound and all the way to the
top with a squeeze and release motion. Then with a yellow buttercream filled
bag and a slightly smaller round tip I used a three, pipe a small yellow dot
onto each of the green dots Now this one is done using the leaf tip
and green or purple or both striped. Pipe the leaves in a circle and fill in until
you get to the center. Now the stars and I don’t know what you call these little
spiky green ones but both of these make great fillers and are super easy to do
the colors are what make these so dramatic. Dark mossy green mixed with the
little streaks of purple red brown and buttercup yellow. Play around with the
colors a little bit. This big cactus here is a little more
realistic than the earlier one I showed you. Here’s how to do it.
Begin by squeezing a small blob of icing with the number 12 round in green, then
with a rose tip, I’m using a number 102, pipe from the base up to the top a line
of frosting, each one meets in the center. Now using the tiny round tip, the number
one is the best one for this, make white dots along the edges. Now for the final succulent flower this
one looks very similar to a rose. I’m using a color combination of red and
brown to make a dusty rose, So you’re going to pipe ribbons around starting
with a tight circle in the center. Keep the tip at the same height and angle for
all the ribbons, make it as large or as small as you want. Now freeze the cactus
buttercream flowers for at least 10 minutes. Now when you’re ready to put
them on your cupcakes peel them off and and place them on your cupcakes with a dab of icing. Fill in around or leave it as it is. I did both and I think they look
fantastic I set them up and took shots of my buttercream succulents in my
garden. I hope you enjoyed my tutorial and that you picked up a tip or two and
are inspired to try these awesome piped cactus flowers for yourself.