Hello Viewers, welcome to my channel. Today I am going to make a delightful dessert item using carrot. I am using condensed milk here but you can use regular milk (1/2 liter) if you like. I will also use 500 grams of finely grated carrot, half cup of white sugar, 3 or 4 cardamon and 2 small piece of cinnamon. At first, take a non stick pan and add some vegetable oil in it. As soon as the oil heats up add grated carrot and cook it for 2 or 3 minutes in a gentle heat. You can use clarified butter instead of vegetable oil and that is much better if you ask me. Add sugar afterwards and give it a few stir, and keep stirring until the sugar dissolves. In the meantime, let me tell you this is an Indian sub continental recipe, a Bengali recipe to be more precise. After a couple of minutes sugar will dissolve. And it is the time when you add approximately 150 ml of condensed milk in it. Condensed milk is sweet enough so do not worry about the little amount of sugar. However, you can add more if you want, but trust me that will be too sweet. Anyway, after adding the milk it will start to get thinner at first, but as you keep cooking it will again thicken up. Do not use a lid and do not stop stirring unless you want it burnt. It is a preparation for 2 person. When it starts forming bubbles like this big you can stop cooking right away because your dessert is ready. Let it cool down and then serve. And subscribe to my channel if you find my recipe useful.