Hi, everyone! I’ve been getting a lot of requests to do some Filipino desserts, so here it is, one of my
favorite called Cassava cake. Let’s begin! The ingredients you
will need is two packets of grated Cassava cake, one can of coconut milk, one can of evaporated milk, half a can of sweetened, condensed milk, one cup of sugar, and two eggs. To defrost the grated Cassava, I usually grab a large pot or if you have a large bowl, go ahead and use that and I fill it to the top with hot water. Then I grab the frozen grated Cassava and place it in the pot. Then I set that aside until I need it. Whenever I go to Filipino parties, Cassava cake is one of the
main desserts that they have because compared to the
other Filipino deserts, it’s so simple to make, just mix all the ingredients
and pop it in the oven. So go ahead and grab your evaporated milk and you’re going to add that to the bowl. Then add your whole can of coconut milk. So my family and I don’t
really like eating our Cassava cake very, very sweet, so I usually just add half
a can of condensed milk, since I’m already adding a cup of sugar, but if you like your Cassava
cake very, very sweet, go ahead and add the whole
can of condensed milk, in addition to the sugar. Now, some of you may wonder, why don’t I just get rid
of the condensed milk and use sugar? The condensed milk actually contributes to the Cassava cake flavor. That’s why I still keep it. Anyway, go ahead and add your two eggs as well as your sugar, and grab your whisk and go ahead and mix it. And after 20 seconds of mixing, it’s gonna turn out like this, and by now, your grated Cassava should be completely defrosted. Now, some of you may be
wondering what Cassava is. It’s also known as yucca
in other countries, which is a root, and usually served as a savory dish, but in the Philippines, it’s usually served as a dessert and you can buy the root
at any Asian super market and use it for this recipe by grating it. Now go ahead and add the
two bags of grated Cassava into the mixture. Now, if you have macapuno strings, you can go ahead and add that. Macapuno is coconut, and it’s basically coconut strings, and you can purchase this
at the Asian markets as well and it just makes the
Cassava cake more sweeter and adds a little texture to it as well. I didn’t have it at the time, so I didn’t put it in, but if I did, I would have totally put it in. Anyway, go ahead and grab your large pan and add the mixture into the pan and you’re going to bake it
for 350 degrees Fahrenheit for one hour or until
the top is lightly brown. Now, it’s best to let the
Cassava cake sit for one hour or overnight and Cassava cake
is usually served chilled or room temperature. So wait a couple of hours or best overnight before you take that first bite, guys, ’cause it’s so delicious, just try to refrain yourself. I hope you guys enjoyed
watching this video of my favorite Filipino dessert. Thank you for watching, guys. Don’t forget to like
this video and subscribe. Bye, guys.