I’m Amanda McNulty with making it grow and its the holiday season. I’m here with my cousin Leda Jackson we are going to make Charlotte russe. I fuss all the time about all this genetic work that goes on these days
because I have to learn new names for plants. But there are
some really exciting things that happened because fifty
years ago my cousin Dixon who raised me. She lived across the street. Gave up a baby for adoption and we knew there was
a red headed baby girl in Charleston. Me. And there she is Leda jackson our cousin. Its the happiest christmas story. Not as uncle Gene said. Not the Christmas story but a very happy christmas story. y’all had a little premonition perhaps if we had a connection. I did well we had always watched you and loved you even when it
was Roland and Webby Debbie and about six weeks before I found
you. We were out working in the yard and Edward twisted some
flowering vine around my baseball cap took a picture of
me, sent it up to my daughter in New York at school and said your
mom’s gone McNulty and sure enough. I was a McNulty. Yes you are. Anyway I worry so when people ask young people what
Charlotte russe is, they say its a clothing store for women
but it really is an old fashioned Christmas desert.
That’s listed in Charleston receipts. The cook book everybody uses. So I want to make sure that when I’m gone to my heavenly rest or
wherever the garden is going to be that people still know how
to do it. So let’s give up have a little tutorial. Yes yes yes
because I don’t know we didn’t make this dessert so I’m very
excited to learn how to do it. And it really is fun and you
get to go get a good bottle of sherry that’s always a cause for celebration. So the first thing is you need some good lady fingers and Leda I have made lady fingers and it takes for ever and makes a big mess. Now if you don’t want to do that as
you well know because you said in Charleston there are readily
available. But you can find them in the stores. Especially during the holidays. Because this is a very Christmas holiday dessert. So you can find lady fingers if you don’t want to go to the
trouble and it is a good bit of trouble but you could make them and freeze them and then you’ve got them whenever you need them. So I am going ot get these out of the way. And we will start with our preparations and the first thing I’m gonna do is I’m gonna see if I can make this fancy stove work and. Do you want me to go
ahead and soak these Amanda? That would be great.
How hard is it to make the lady fingers. It’s just time
consuming and the hardest thing is getting the parchment paper
properly prepared and then you got a you know whip eggs and whip egg whites. So it’s really egg white’s, a little flour and sugar. And egg yolks too. Egg yolks too. Knox gelatin is of that is what makes Jello Jello but it comes in an orange box and it’s plain gelatin. So I have a quarter of a Cup of milk here and I’m going to sprinkle one envelope of Knox unflavored gelatin in that and turn the stove on and hope it will stay on. And then we will. There we go. Let’s put one whole pint of heavy whipping cream in here.
And you always told me you really careful with that. Well you don’t want to over
whip the cream because it will turn to butter and then I’m gonna put almost all of two thirds of a Cup. I’m gonna
keep a little bit of this granulated sugar out for the egg whites when we get to them. okay. So now I’m gonna start making noise. Okay. I’m ready. Okay this is pretty noisy. ♪Sounds of Mixer♪ Alright Leda this is nicely dissolved and this is pretty
stiff but not to stiff. Im going to slowly pour in this milk with the dissolve gelatin and then if you will hand me
that wonderful bottle of sherry. Yes. And that glass. All
kind of Glug glug like I usually put about a half a Cup.
So I think that’s about what I’m gonna go for. There we go.
Thank you so much. You’re welcome. Im just going to give it just a little bit more. ♪Sounds gf Mixer♪ well I would like it to be stiffer but I think the lights made it a little. The cream a little bit yeah. Warm. but all will be fine because the
gelatin will make it all set up. So that’s now do the egg whites
they don’t care for this. Amanda have you ever heard of a
version cause my mother’s friend Reda Allowns. It was either
Reda or Oh gosh. Jenny Garrard made it was like a sherry based custard at the
bottom. Are they’re different versions. There was one called rock cream and that my grandmother and aunt Elisa. I have that recipe. Do you? you will have to give it to me. I have not yet attempted it has supposedly
it’s very difficult. Well as you see. The cream is not as whipped as I would like it to be. Let me tell people that if they
don’t know you have to when you do egg whites you have to be
really really really careful not to any contamination no
egg yolk, no grease, no nothing. So I have five egg
whites from pasteurized eggs and a perfectly clean bowl and
beater. So there will be no Contamination and I’ve got a
just a little bit of sugar left and I’m going to put in one
quarter teaspoon of cream of tartar because that’s supposed
to help the egg whites set up. So let’s go. ready again. All
right. Yeah. ♪Sound of mixer♪ And of course you can’t beat
these to much to tell you the truth so unlike the cream which didnt want to beat enough. I think these are ready so now we’re going to mix the
two together. Fold them in gently. Yes we will. Okay and of course I left my great big giant bowl at home but I
think that this is going to work just fine so let’s see
where my scoop is. And we will pour
this whipping cream into here and its got that nice sugar and sherry in it. Okay and then we fold gently these in.
So should you do this evening before. Yes and it keeps well
for several days. It did. We we enjoyed it long after thanksgiving. I think you’ve got this bowl ready. let’s get this big clunky this thing out of the way. It’s like lifting weights. It is nice to have a good mix
master. And this was muffs bowl. Yes it was. Yes this is one that
I gave to your mother because I loved her so much and
my first child. And you gave me one for my for first
birthday with you. and my my first child’s name for
her Elisa. So we just gonna pour that in.
Boy I wish I’d been named Elisa would have been a whole heck of
a lot easier than Leda. Now we have a completed Charlotte Russe and this is a nice big bowl this would be enough for think
about eight people because we’ve had a big dinner
and this is very light and airy. Do we have to wait a whole
night. Lets put this one in but actually I
have one that’s ready and I think we can have a taste if
you’d like to. I would love that well Leda once a year we Polish the silver and we even have an ironed napkin.
I love those ironed napkins and it was so sweet to bring them to
my thanksgiving table. Well lets dig in. Thank you.
And the nice thing is this is no matter how much Turkey and
all the wonderful stuff you have there’s always room for charlotte russe. It’s a nice light dessert with
Sherry and charlestonians love sherry in there desserts. And you made it seem so simple.