so today I am sharing with you how to
make the best chia pudding it’s definitely one of my go-to s it’s
healthy filling delicious full of omega-3s and like I said super good for
you and the flavor combinations are virtually endless I’m going to show you
three different flavors as well as the classic base that you can apply to many
different combinations at down the road so if you’re new subscribe and let’s go
make some delicious chia pudding we are gonna start by making the base of our
chia pudding so I’m using a full fat coconut milk which is the secret for the
most delicious chia pudding that not only tastes a lot better but also keeps
you full a lot longer a little bit of vanilla extract for flavor and then
optional is some collagen I like to do this because it’s really good for your
gut your hair your skin and your joints but it’s definitely optional it doesn’t
change the texture or the taste it just adds a lot of amino acids protein and
benefits then I’m adding in five tablespoons of chia seeds and I’m gonna
leave my full recipe down in the description box you can make it because
I’m not gonna lie this is the best way to make chia pudding definitely make it
with a full fat coconut milk it’s so much more creamy and delicious than
making it with either water or your normal kind of almond milk that’s like
the unsweetened kind this one makes it nice thick and creamy so you leave it
for about 10-15 minutes it will start to thicken already but you
can definitely leave this overnight and prep it for a few days so the first
flavor we’re making is strawberry rhubarb and this is so delicious guys
I’m cutting up some strawberries and it’s important to buy your strawberries
organic out of all the fruits and vegetables they are the dirtiest out of
the Dirty Dozen they found over 18 different pesticides so I’ve said this
in videos before but if there’s one thing one fruit or vegetable you buy
organic make it be strawberries you could definitely use frozen too as
opposed to fresh frozen tends to be cost option a lot of the time and I’m just
mashing that up because we’re gonna create kind of like a nice compote jam
type thing which would be easier if your strawberries were frozen because when
they melt um they’re already kind of soft but you
can definitely just mashed it up some fresh ones like I’m doing and then I’m
taking some rhubarb that I had in my freezer and that I let thaw but you can
definitely also do this with fresh rhubarb – so I’m mashing them together
so that the juices of the strawberry and the rhubarb kind of go together and both
strawberries or rhubarb are really good for you rhubarb has lots of fiber it’s a
little bit more tart and so it’s not a sweet which I really like and then I’m
adding in just a little bit of chia seeds to help it all kind of gel and
hold together this is especially good if you’re de placing it on the bottom of
your mason jar and kind of prepping it for the week like I am and then I’m
taking some of the chia pudding that we prepped and putting that on top so the
chia pudding base will give you three mason jars or three servings meals
breakfast of chia pudding that I just usually store in jars and then I grab in
the morning when I want it this one is definitely one of my favorites I’m
finishing it off with a little bit of strawberries on the top and also a
sprinkle of pumpkin seeds which are loaded with minerals
they’ve got zinc great for your immune system and it’s something different than
not someone to keep you guys kind of a nut free alternative or idea that you
could do that wasn’t just crunchy nuts and seeds I find are really underrated so next up we are making mint chocolate
and it’s just as delicious as it sounds to our base I’m adding in a tablespoon
of raw cacao and 1/8 of a teaspoon mint and it’s great to use raw cacao here
because we’re not cooking it so you get all of those benefits in raw cacao it’s
loaded with antioxidants I’m also adding in just a little bit more I’m just a
plain almond milk because we added in that raw cacao which was dry just to
make it more of a thinner consistency so you can whisk it and we get that really
nice thick chia pudding just add a splash in with the cacao so that it
blends really nicely and then again you can put that into a jar eat it right
away whatever you like I’m also going to finish this off with a
little bit of fresh mint for my garden but optional and a tablespoon of sugar
free dairy free chocolate chips this is a wonderful way to have something that
kind of tastes like a dessert for breakfast because it’s so decadent but
not too sweet and then we are making a mango coconut so I’m taking my face
again that we made from before and putting that into my jar and we’re going
to be adding in some fresh mango there is not much like a nice fresh mango when
it’s super nice and soft it’s got such a wonderful delicious
flavor and I feel like mango and coconut really go well together and this is a
really good tip for cutting mango slice it like you see how I’m doing here and
then if you just use a spoon if the mangoes ripen up it should pop right off
so it’s kind of like a trick especially if your mango is soft and I would
definitely wait till your mango is soft before eating it because it just tastes
that much better stacking that on the top finishing it off with a little bit
of unsweetened coconut flakes misses it the perfect a tropical chia pudding so
much flavor perfect for summertime and definitely something you can easily prep
in advance to take to school work or pop in the freezer and then just a frost one
when you want it okay guys I hope you enjoyed this video
don’t forget to give it a good ol films up and comment down below what flavor
like or combo of chia pudding you would do with the base yeah comment that down
below my favorite is probably just like almond butter with like a berry of
coming like raspberry or strawberry or something like that but I mean the
rhubarb could be my new favorite I hope you guys are all having a great day and
I will see you in my next video bye guys