Hello everyone, it’s me Jemma, and I have got the easiest Tastiest moist-iest chocolate cupcake recipe you’ll ever ever gonna find Ever I’ve got some plain flour here I’ve got 350 grams. I’m just going to sieve it all together In a big bowl And then I put 370 grams of caster sugar 60 grams of cocoa powder And then a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda and a half teaspoon of salt And then I’m just gonna shuffle that around with my sieve so that it’s all Mixed together And 150 grams of dark chocolate chips, and then I just want to mix up a little bit So I’m going to use a whisk for that Just make sure it’s all kind of going the same color So, that’s all our dry mix together Now, we’ll just put that to one side and we can mix our wet stuff together So, grab another bowl And I have a cup of coffee Now, if you might have a cafeteria of coffee knocking about, if you don’t Then just and put a tablespoon of instant coffee into a cup of hot water And then wait for it to cool down before you start mixing, otherwise, that’s gonna cook the eggs So, here we go Coffee And then I have 225 milliliters of vegetable oil and that goes in with the coffee And then I’ve got a cup of buttermilk You can just get a buttermilk at a supermarket in the kind of creamy Creamy aisle Just whack that in Then we also need some eggs So, just three large eggs Just whack it straight in Right and then using your whisk just Mix it all together just stab those yolks and just mix it all — it will look a bit gross, but that’s okay It’s going to look amazing when it bakes So, just make sure it’s all mixed three together with your whisk And that’s it easy-peasy now, We’re gonna add the dry to the wet, shuffle it in And get stirring it’s really simple Okay, so once it’s all mixed together and nice and sloppy and lovely and chocolatey You’re gonna need to transfer it into a jug Because it gets really messy trying to pour this into the cupcake cases So, grab a nice big jug and with a nice pointy felt and just pour as much as you can It’s like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, it’s like the Chocolate River Chocolate River So, I’ve got two cupcake tins lying with cupcake cases and this mixture makes them 24 cupcakes So, there’s plenty to show and just be really careful as you go don’t like Gush it all in because it’s just gonna go everywhere And I’m gonna fill these up to about 2/3 to 3/4 of the way up I’m using my spoon catching the drip so go slow This is gonna take a little while, so let’s speed it up Now it’s time to bake them And I’ve preheated my oven to 160 degrees Celsius, and I’m gonna bake them for 24 minutes They’re ready, so we’re gonna get them out of the oven and we’re gonna leave them to cool They’re out the oven they’ve had about 20 minutes to cool down And they’re ready to eat, and I’m not gonna waste any time I’m gonna Get one in my face, so Look at that I’m gonna get a bit of squishy bit right in the middle Hmm oh, that’s so – oh so tasty, really chocolatey, really moist, really squishy and delicious and so easy Like the easiest thing in the world The only thing that’s gonna make this better is if you slap a bunch of chocolate buttercream on it And if you want to learn how to make chocolate buttercream then click the link now And while you’re doing that I’ll just go sneak a little bit more in And if you liked this video, and you want to see more videos by me Then don’t forget to subscribe to my channel It’s free and it’s brilliant Obviously So, thanks for watching Bye If you want to subscribe to my channel then click subscribe now