Welcome to howtocookthat.net. For a printable
copy of the recipes simply go to www.howtocookthat.net Cover a chopping board with aluminium foil,
or you can use a baking tray turned upside down covered in aluminium foil. Pour all your
chocolate onto your tray. Then just spread it out, not too thin. Then we’ll just chuck
that in the freezer. You just pull it out of the freezer, take
it off the alfoil, and push down in the center, and snap it into shards that you can then
stick into your chocolate pavlova, or your dessert. With the tempered chocolate, let’s put it
in a Ziploc bag. Get a glass of Marsala or you can use vodka. Marsala is just a sweet
Italian dessert wine that goes well with it. Have it in the freezer for at least an hour
to let it cool down and then just squirt some chocolate into the Marsala. And as it’s hiting
the cold Marsala it is setting, so you get a nice chocolate swirl pattern, and you can
let it sink to the bottom. Just leave it for a little second. Then use a fork to pull it
out, and pop it on some paper to drain and to dry. So that’s a way of getting some nice,
3D swirls, which can look quite nice on cupcakes. Spread some out on overhead projector plastic,
and then we’re going to roll it, like so. And to keep it rolled we just pop one end
in a glass, like that. And that will make some nice chocolate curls once it’s set. Pop some at one end like that. Grab an icing
comb and just run it through like that. And that’s going to give you some nice chocolate
sticks. With this as well, if you want them over like
bows, you can just actually bend it over, and join them together. For other recipes click on the links that
you can see. Enjoy!