Hey dudes! I am Hilah, and today on Hilah
Cooking we are gonna make some crepes or creps I think as they are pronounced in France,
so this is you probably know what this is, but it’s like a little thin pancake thing.
You make it sweet or savory. We’re gonna to do some smoked salmon and dill cream crepes
today, and this would be a great weekend breakfast. It would be a great Mother’s Day brunch kind
of breakfast thing, and I was always intimidated by crepes, but it turns out they are easy
as shit, so I’ll show you how to do it. Okay, first thing we’re gonna make our batter,
so it’s really, really simple. I’ve got some just regular old flour here. Throw that in
the bowl, and some milk and some warm water, so I am just using this leftover water from
my morning cup of joe. It’s a little bit warmer than I want, so I am gonna let it sit there,
cool off a sec, while I whisk this business together with a little bit of salt, and if
you wanted to do sweet crepes you could add a little bit of sugar to this batter, but
I think it’s easier just to like make it all the same and then you can have your filling
be sweet. Okay, I am gonna add some eggs, and this batter also, another cool thing is
that you can make it like two days ahead of time and just stick in the fridge, and if
you want to have everything all ready, so that’s pretty rad, right Brad?
Okay, and then some melted butter, and two tablespoons. I don’t know, but this will probably
make six crepes, six or eight. I don’t do math, so I don’t know it doesn’t seem like
that much, but you kind of need it, so just deal with it. It’s the weekend right? Party
on. Okay, that’s great. That’s it. It’s all smooth, and we’re just gonna set this aside
for 30 minutes while we get our fillings together. All right, for our dill and caper cream I’ve
got one part just plain yogurt here. This is about a third of a cup, and so I am gonna
mix equal parts. I am using Mexican crema, but crème fresh will work. If you can’t find
that, just regular old sour cream will work too. It will be a little bit thicker with
the sour cream, and get that mixed up, so the yogurt kind of has a little tartness to
it, and then the cream adds a little bit of richness, but it’s gonna still be a little
bit lighter than using a full cream thing because you know, you know how moms are. They
are like always on a diet. Okay, I am gonna add a little salt to this
and some dill. If you had fresh dill, that would be even better, but I accidentally mowed
over all of my weird dill plants that were growing in the yard, so no dill for me. Okay,
that’s mixed up, and then I’ve got some capers. Some people don’t like them. They might be
a little strong. If you don’t really like pickles or olives, you might not like capers,
but you could use some minced red onion instead. Cool that’s done. Just leave that there, and
then I’ve got my smoked salmon here that I’ve just sort of separated into little thin pieces,
and obviously you want to keep it covered, and then some fresh spinach, so it’s been
long enough, so we can go ahead and cook our crepes and this part is really, really fun
so pay attention. Okay, I am gonna use my omelet pan here. If
you have a lightweight griddle, that is great! I am just gonna preheat this over medium heat,
and if you have a non-stick skillet you can use that too. If you were using a non-stick
you probably wouldn’t need to use butter, but I am not using a non-stick, so I am gonna
add a little bit of butter like half a teaspoon, and we’re gonna let it get hot. We’re gonna
wait for the butter to actually start to turn a little bit of a golden color. We don’t want
it to smoke, but we want it to get a little bit nutty and brown, nutty brown. And once it’s loose enough you can start to
swirl it around and get it up those edges. Okay, so our butter is just starting to get
a little bit golden and I can smell it. It’s starting to smell a little toasty, so that’s
great. I am gonna use a quarter cup ladle here. If you have just a quarter cup measuring
spoon, that’ll work too. So what we want to do is like lift it off the heat and then start
swirling it gently just to get it spread out. It’s almost like cooking an omelet. It’s really
similar. It’s actually a little bit easier though. I am just gonna put it back on the
heat and let it sit here for about a minute until it’s set and then we’ll flip it, so
it’s set, and you can use the spatula, but if you have tough fingers sometimes it’s easier
just to use your hands like that. So if I was using a flat griddle especially, it would
probably be better, but it’s kind of difficult to get the spatula in here with the slope
sides. So then really just like long enough to get it cooked. Some people like to cook
it until it gets a little brown flecks on it, and that’s fine too. Some people like
to have them super, super delicate. So that’s it! We’re done, and I am just gonna
slide it out onto this plate. C’mon you piece of. All right, so I’ve got my finished crepe
here. We can lay down a little bit of smoked salmon, and then I’ve got some just little
spinach leaves here that I’ve washed obviously. Don’t need dirt. Oh, wait, that one’s still
really dirty. Sorry, you didn’t see that. And then a little bit of our cream sauce.
Oh, my God it just occurred to me that I bet a little bit of horseradish would be really
awesome in this sauce too, and then you just kind of roll this bad boy up, like that. Ohhhh,
goodness gracious! Who’s not gonna love that? You know? Okay, I am gonna try it. It’s also really
beautiful once you cut it open on the inside because it’s all pink and green and white.
See that? Hmm, it’s so pretty. Mmmmmm. Man. That is luxurious. It just has such a great,
soft texture in your mouth and a little pop of the capers; smoky salmon, a little bit
of crunch from some spinach, and the really creamy crema sauce. Oh, my gosh. This is really
good. So, wow, I hope you try this. Okay, so like I said, you can do sweet crepes too.
I’ll post a bunch of different crepe filling ideas sweet and savory on my website at hilahcooking.com,
and I will link to that, so if you want to check that out it would be fun to have like
a crepe brunch and just have all kinds of different fillings that people can choose
from and just be like flippin’ crepes, you know? Just like a little crepe flipper, okay,
there you go. I hope you try it. I hope you like it. Let me know in the comments below
if you have any questions about the recipe and let me know if you like to fill your crepes
with anything special, so have a great weekend, have a happy Mother’s Day to all the moms
out there, and I will see you guys later, bye!