when making waffles I always say think outside the box and make them from scratch and that’s exactly what I’m doing belgian liege waffles with spice plums and a white chocolate sauce now I’d like to start with the spice plants and this is essentially a fruit compote I’ve taken a pound of plums and cut them into wedges i’ll add these to my pot it it really doesn’t matter if you use red black or prune plums whatever is available i like to make this a very fragrant compote so in addition to the spices i also add an orange squeeze the juice in and i actually drop in the whole orange because some of that orange flavor cooks out from the zest you know before I get the spices and I have to sweeten it up three-quarters of a cup of sugar and now for the spices have a little cheese cloth and I want to make a satchel to drop into the compote that way it’s easy to pull out all of the whole spices i have 2 star anise 3 cloves two cinnamon sticks and three black pepper courts I like the heat you you get from black pepper and then drop it into the pot and then tie it to the handle that way you know you won’t lose it in the pot i’ll let this simmer uncovered and I’ll stir it occasionally I want to cook the plums so that they’re fully cooked and soft but they don’t fall apart so i will keep an eye on it and while that’s cooking I can start on my waffle dough Oh Liege waffles have to be my favorite style i will confess and I think in part that’s because the dough itself is very much like abrio stone so this is a yeast raised waffle dough i start with a cup of water not just regular water sparkling water let’s add bubbles and air and volume while we can write off the top two and a quarter teaspoons I’ll add 3 tablespoons of sugar there’s not a lot of sugar in this recipe yet and 2 eggs and i’ll just give this a quick mix just to combine the ingredients right now I can add 4 cups of all-purpose flour i’ll let this mix on low speed and as it starts coming together l’ll pour in one cup of melted butter I just want to mix this for a few minutes until the dough is smooth and elastic while that’s mixing I’ll give the plums a stir..hmm the colour’s just starting to come out a little bit alright oh yeah that is a nice rich dough and you need to cover your dough with plastic wrap and all it takes is about an hour for this dough to rise up and double in size now the last bit for me to get ready before I actually get to make waffles is to make my white chocolate sauce I’ve got whipping cream and I’ll measure out half a cup, here we go and pour that into a pot white chocolate can sometimes be sweet all on its own so I’m adding black pepper to it just to build a little contrast and I measure half a teaspoon into the cream and then I turn this on high heat this will build the flavor into the cream before I add it for the chocolate oh these plums are coming along nicely and what I love is the juice from the plums cooked in with the sugar and that builds in almost a glaze like a second sauce that cream seriously does not take long pour it right on top of the chocolate just give it a second to sit let the cream do its thing and I just using a gentle stir and let it melt all together oh there we go nice and smooth so here’s the dough after an hour look at how its doubled in size so I just unwrap it and turn it out unto my worktable i like to make these waffles when I have people over for brunch now this buttery dough isn’t very sweet because now the time I add the sugar oh liege waffles which were created in liège belgium has these caramelized bits of sugar and you get that by working in pearl sugar 1 cup so this is just a type of sugar you can find in bakery supply stores or you can take sugar cubes put them in a bag and pound them out to crush them up what counts is you have these little pieces of sugar that you now work into the dough oh little hits of sweetness so i just get to a play work in the sugar cut the dough into pieces so if you see little pockets of sugar like this just keep squishing them around so roughly cut this in half and it’s easier to divide into pieces another style of waffle is meant to look a little bit rough and rustic part of its appeal so I shape them a little bit into a round but nothing too precise or polished i’ve got my waffle iron heated and the idea is that this waffle doesn’t fill the entire iron i drop it right in the center turn it over, another one and these takes the exact same time as those buttermilk waffles about three minutes you definitely smell these when they’re cooking a combination of butter and caramelized sugars oh look at that and that is all super crunchy that shinniness you see that’s the caramelized sugar now you see why i like to have these coming out of the waffle iron when I have guests coming over for brunch smells so good no two liege waffles look-alike oh thats a nice one of my white chocolate sauce black pepper and a few of these beautiful spiced plums some of that gorgeous sauce it really has reduced like a glaze and there you have it the liege waffles plated white chocolate sauce and spiced plums so delicious thanks for watching oh yum keep an eye on this channel for plenty of delicious recipes and more