doughnuts doughnuts yeah this mask is stressful it’s for cutting my eyelids what’s up doll my honey bears out there happy Halloween I’m Matty Matheson we’re about to do something so phenomenal I had to dress up we’re about to make donuts Halloween donut we got toppings we got stuff to make dough let’s make some knots I feel emotional I’m wearing leather it’s Halloween I got to bring it down I’m too excited I’m like the leather Captain America I’m not making cake doughnuts I’m not making those I’m gonna make some milk leavened Donuts okay you gotta separate your dry from your wet so we started with our wet first I’m gonna have to whip some some of the eggs so we got four whole eggs here okay there’s a step 1 we got canola oil okay not olive oil not grapeseed oil none of that stuff we got 1 cup and 2 tablespoons of salt in there we’re gonna whisk this right now we start of whipping the eggs we add the canola we added a little vanilla a little salt so I have 1 cup of sugar here we’re gonna add this in to my eggs whip that up the frosting so I just added 1 cup of h2o Toronto’s finest into the all-clad we got 2 cups of milk err milk and water it’s like all the poor people with their cereal you know you pour milk in then you run out of milk fill it up with water shut it to poor people then we’re gonna add the yeast I got 10 tablespoons of dry active yeast then we took our milk our water our yeast set that over on the flattop just up to like room temperature the big thing with the active you don’t want to get too hot because that will kill the knees if it’s too cold and won’t do anything what you want to do is pretty much bring it up to like blood temperature so it’s just like the same temperature as like your skin so that’s warm enough that doesn’t take long okay that’s gonna activate the yeast we’re gonna let that chill out there it’s gonna bubble up a little bit and the eggs are coming along we’re getting there a little they’re getting thick we’re turning into quite the big old sticky honeypot then we made the sauces we’re in the dungeon this is where the dreams come true this is where you find out if your man or a boy I’m gonna make some caramel sauce okay this is white sugar I had it two cups of this and we’re not gonna have to do anything we don’t have any water we don’t add anything we just literally put this on heat also when you’re making this at home be careful because if you get any of this on you it will burn your skin off okay what I’m wearing right now is the worst possible situation for dealing with hot sugars okay and you don’t want to get it black right if you get a black it’s burnt if it’s too hot turn the heat down let’s not be dumb dumbs today let’s save a life we’re getting to that point I got some caramel here right well right now this is just straight-up sugar right so I’m gonna have to add some fat to make it into a sauce and we’re putting some butter look at this feel me you feel me if you want caramel sauce don’t buy it just make it it only takes a few minutes now we’re gonna make just a traditional kind of like a doughnut glaze it’s very very easy icing sugar like two cups okay no joke we got some homogenized milk we’re just gonna add enough milk in here nice and slowly and bam we got the caramel sauce we got the the jizzy we got the jizz each is now we got that cinnamon and sugar this is that classic stuff right this is the old-fashioned doughnuts it’s just cinnamon and sugar you just stir that together take your hands it’s a beautiful thing you smell that no you don’t have the technology yet we got the og we got the sugar glaze then we got just the powder donut we summon some gun out of the dunge we got the milk we got the water we got the yeast that yeast is now activated we got the eggs we’re at a frosty setting that’s what we’re looking for we are gonna add in oh boy leather daddy doesn’t mind too much about a little bit of a mess lik here a lick there the mess is gone we’re whipping further we’re whipping further developing the donut we mixed all of our wet ingredients now okay so now I’m done with the whisk we’re gonna move on to the what they call like the dough hook the old hook that’s the nights with the old hook we got like 10 cups of flour here the AP flour that all-purpose flour now with the hook we want to add it slowly we got the hook going we’re whipping the doughnut will get goopy here oh left a little snail trail there little trail how do I get home I guess I’ll know how now okay see this now we’re getting somewhere when your machine starts moving we got that dough that dough is coming together okay we just have some some canola once again we’re a little bit in here we don’t want our dough to stick to the bowl there we go pull this down we got the dough we let it rest put a saran wrap over top of it it’s gonna rise up I’m getting it rid of all this let me clean up a little bit here daddy likes a clean space then we let it rise and then we form the doughnuts we got the dough okay so now these aren’t gonna be perfect little Donuts no we’re gonna do a little little guys okay just making you guys doughnuts this is Halloween this is how you share when kids come up and they want trick-or-treat you give them the treats kay don’t give them no tricks nobody was here about no tricks tricks are for kids you want the treats kay I don’t want the sugars don’t give me a toothbrush or an apple I like your house this is a good start now we’re gonna just deep-fry them Kay do not deep-fry and naked you’re not deep frying nothing we’re not deprived my donut I’m safe cuz I’m guarded by my leather straps so we want to flip them cuz they’re only getting deep-fried on half so we just give them a little toss a little toss see to see so then what you want to do is just take like a bowl get some brown paper soak up some of the oil we’re gonna take the donuts that we’re gonna put them in here and then we’re gonna dress them okay close to the fryer spray Wow a little bit of the hot oil 350 degrees and on the old tummies we’ve got the classic glaze here we’ll do a few of these we got the old powdered sugars here dip the donuts sprinkle the toppings on top maybe we’ll do a double dip here if we got this and then we’ll do a little spring song top we got the caramel sauce little bananas on there got some resis here we got that tie-dyed dream brains we’ve got some ball bearings here okay don’t put those I’ll put those back just put those back those weren’t a good choice at the candy store this will be the best Halloween treat you’ve ever had just really go you’ve never enjoyed food while eating it off of a person before have you no I’m giving you that you just you can have some fun you just plate the way that feels natural to you you always want to do that you want to stay true to who you are but you just want to hold a little hair and a little hairy down here mmm sushi babe eating the sushi this dude doughnuts so your friends will come over eat a doughnut yeah some the doughnut daddy this is doughnut world check me out recipes down there check out the recipe eat me out hey how’s the donor is that a really good doughnut that’s nice well I’m Matty Matheson so spice munchies go yourselves