– Hello everybody, welcome to Kids Cooking and Crafts. I’m Chef Ava, and today I’ll be showing you how to make a DIY Easter treat, because it’s springtime and
the birds are coming out, and it’s time for ice cream. (sighs) So, I’m gonna teach you how to make a Easter egg cotton candy doughnut nest. Let’s do this thing. The things we will need will be cotton candy, doughnuts, some chocolate Easter eggs, and a little bit of
water with a paint brush. Dough not mess with me. First thing’s first, you wanna grab your doughnut. (upbeat music) And let’s get our cotton candy out. Ooh. Mm, it’s in a nice, little tube. The cotton candy bazooka, boom! Psh! (laughs) Okay, so you wanna grab your water and your cotton candy, but first you wanna get your water and just kind of tap. We’re putting the water on so that the cotton candy can stick to the doughnut. And then you wanna grab your cotton candy. Ooh, and I’m just gonna get this just kind of… Gonna make a little, fluffy
nest for the bird eggs. Alright, there we go. Now let’s do a blue one. Just gonna… Open that up, ooh! Mm! That tastes like blueberries. Alright. Let’s just… Go in like this. K, there we go. And then just gonna grab some of this right here and just kind of… Make it really wispy. Ooh, that looks pretty! Just gonna grab a little bit more and just kind of make it like this. Mm. There we go! Ta-da! See how they’re kind of cup-shaped and look like a nest? And what goes in the nest? You’re right! Some eggs. Our eggs are gonna be chocolate. (upbeat music) I’m just gonna put three or four in here. Put one more. (upbeat music) This is a super, super, sweet treat. (acoustic music) They’re all cozy and warm, and once they’ve hatched, they can eat something sweet. What do you guys think? Does it look like a sweet treat? (acoustic music) (acoustic music) (crunches) Eh, what’s up doc? This carrot’s pretty good, but I wanna try our Easter treat. Which one do I choose? They all look so delicious! Guys, which one’s your favorite, Frank, John, Adam, Scarlet, or Bob? Alright, let’s see how it tastes. It’s so much sugar! Mm, this is good! Oh, that’s delicious. Oh, Bob, you’re my new favorite. Mm, delicious. And there you have it, that’s your Easter treat. (upbeat music) Mm. Thank you guys so much for making this Easter
treat with me today. Don’t forget to like,
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us on Twitter and Instagram. Have a very happy Easter everybody! Bye! I’m just gonna put this one in my basket to eat for later. He-he. Mine! Hello everybody, welcome to Kid’s Cooking and Crafts. I’m Princess Ava, and today we’ll be showing you how to make bubblegum and
chocolate candy Easter cupcakes. To help me with this yummy treat, I have here my friendly little buddies. (bouncing) – Hi!
– Hi! – So we already have our cupcakes made. (cheerful music) – [All] Mm, chocolate! – And the other ingredients are – Pink sprinkles, – [Ava] Marshmallows, – Candy, cause these ones are bubble gum. And these ones are chocolate! – [All] Mm, chocolate! Last but not least, frosting! – We’ll be making two
different kinds of cupcakes. The first one will be a bird nest. Let’s put the grass in our nest using green frosting. That, and then bloop! Bloop. Bloop. (upbeat music) Sound effects are not required. – But they’re really cool! – [All] Ooh! Ahh! – Yay, finally my turn! It takes muscle! Get out of my face, what if I bite yours off? (laughing) – Wow, they’re mean bunnies. (smacking) Now we just have to put the egg in the nest. – Yay! (upbeat music) I’m gonna choose pink, yellow, and blue. – I’m gonna choose the chocolate one, pink, yellow, and white. – They’re so cute.
– Yeah. – Time to move on to cupcake number two, we will be making Easter bunnies. Not like these two. (laughing) – You’re gonna eat me? (laughing) Now we’re gonna cross our cupcakes to make it look like
fuzzy, little bunnies. – Ooh, they’re gonna look so cute! (upbeat music) (upbeat music) – [All] Ahh! – Like a fluffy, little cloud! – Now we’re gonna make
the fuzzy bunny ears. – So what we’re gonna do for this is we’re gonna cut them
slanted sideways like that, and then we’re gonna cut
that slant again in half. (upbeat music) So now we’re going to dip
them in these pink sprinkles so that they look just like mine. (giggling) All you have to do is one little dip because it comes up very well. – Yeah, cause the marshmallow
is already sticky, so. – And then your frosting
should have it stick. Cute! – They’re so cute! It’s so fluffy, I’m gonna die! (upbeat music) This one turned out really good! Whoa! (giggling) Okay! Aren’t they so cute? (upbeat music) Now for the finishing touch. All we’re gonna do, we’re gonna add a cute,
little, pink nose to it. – So cute, oh! – [All] Cute, little bunnies! – That I wanna eat. (laughing) – Thank you guys so much for making this Easter treat with us. Don’t forget to like,
subscribe, and comment below on what we should make next. Bye! – Bye! (laughing) (cheerful music) – I got this. (all giggling) – Bye, I’m going! (all giggling) – Hello everybody, welcome to Kids Cooking and Crafts. I’m Ava and today I’ll be showing you how to make a DIY super secret stash book. Let’s get right into it. The things you will
need is some Decoupage, a paintbrush, a bowl, a box cutter, a permanent marker, a thick book, a ruler, and some plastic wrap. First you wanna skip some pages
in the front of your book, grab your ruler, and you wanna make sure that
your lines are straight, and just go and leave a little
bit of space in between. And then just make your lines like that. And we’re gonna cut out
inside of the rectangle using a box cutter. These are really sharp so my cameraman is gonna help us. Right, cameraman? Great. (upbeat music) (upbeat music) (upbeat music) Thanks, cameraman. For this next step, we will be using this Decoupage. It’s seriously like Elmer’s glue. We don’t want the front
of our book to be sticky so we’re just gonna wrap
it up with some saran wrap. So I put a rubber band here so that the saran wrap can stay in place. (snaps) And I’m just gonna get our glue and paint around the edges so that the pages can stay together. Ooh-ooh! This will dry clear so it’s okay if you be a little messy. (electronic music) You just wanna make sure that you get all of the edges. Now time to do the inside. This is the tricky part because you don’t want the
glue on top of the page because if you shut the book, it will get glued together. And so we’re just gonna do it on the inside around the edges. Don’t let it drip! Aww, yeah! Oh, this is gonna look so
cool when we’re finished. There we go. We’re all finished. Now we have to put something heavy on it and so that it will dry flat. How about a gumball machine? You have a few of those laying
around your house, don’t ya? Now we’ll let it dry
for a couple of hours, but for you, it will only feel like two seconds. One, two. See? Told you so! Alright, just gonna… Alright, let’s see how it’s doing. Whoa, this is so smooth, will it pick up? Nope. (tapping) Yeah, I think it’s pretty solid. Mkay, rip out again. Ooh, yeah, that’s good. Will it come up? Nope. Alright, let’s take off the saran wrap. Hmm, I wonder what’s on page 19. Whoa! What? My whole hand can fit in this thing! Look, it won’t open! Ahh! Guys, what should we hide in it? Ugh! (twinkling) (laughing) This is so cool! Let’s see what else we
can hide in this baby. (twinkling) Whoa, it’s money! All of my jewels! (thuds) Hmm, what else can fit in
my super secret stash book? A-ha! (twinkling) It’s Belle! Oh, wow, she’s so cute! Fits perfectly. (thuds) (twinkling) It’s the key to my diary! Cause I wanna keep my diary super secret. (twinkling) (gasps) They’re Lego guys! Whoa! This is so cool! I wonder what else we can fit in here. (twinkling) Ooh, my trusty flashlight! Ooh! (twinkling) (gasps) Ring pop anyone? Ooh! Do you like my rings? Definitely need to hide
these from my brother. (upbeat music) (twinkling) (gasps) It’s R2-D2! He’s my favorite character of Star Wars. Thank you guys so much for making this DIY super secret stash book with me. Don’t forget to like,
subscribe, and comment below on what you would fit in
your secret stash book. Bye! (rock music) (light music) (light music)