hey everyone it’s james from fun foods and
today I’m going to show you how to make these edible pinecones made out of
chocolate chex cereal so keep watching and I’ll show you
step-by-step how to make these here’s what’s going to need to make these first
go need either chocolate chex mix or some other chocolate cereal you’re going to need some pretzel sticks
these are two and a half inches long you’re gonna need a half cup of butter
creamy peanut butter I’m sorry you’re going to need a fourth of a cup of
nutella your gonna need one cup of powdered sugar or confectioners sugar and you’re
going to need 3 tablespoons of softened butter with your softened butter in the
bowl add a half a cup of creamy peanut butter next add a forth of a cup of nutella I added one cup of confectioner’s sugar
but i recommend adding a half a cup at a time that makes thoroughly until it’s a
play-doh like consistency next cover your pretzel with the generous amount of
peanut butter mixture you want to form a cone-like shape around the pretzel when your pretzels completely covered
start placing your cereal into the mixture start at the bottom and work
your way up press them down firmly so they will stay
in place when you get to the top pieces you may
have to cut your cereal one half this will give it that pinecone spiky
lookl to the top now place on your serving dish and
sprinkle some confectioners sugar over the pine Cones well thanks everyone for watching and
see how to make these edible pine cones I hope you enjoyed this video and i hope
you’ll give it a try yourself if you enjoyed this video hit like
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