– Welcome to my French cafe. Today we are making French silk pie. It’s a very, very American dish, okay. We’re gonna use some Oreos
’cause we’re gonna start with an Oreo crumb crust. These are Oreo Thins. Look at how thin that is. I’ve never been that
thin in my whole life, I never will be Get ready, here we go,
everyone’s favorite noise, the food processor. (food processor whirring) All right, oh (laughing). Yes, so now we’re just gonna go in our mixing bowl. Now, here’s an advantage
of using the Oreo Thins. It’s still got a little
layer of that cream inside and that’s gonna help us
bind everything together so we actually don’t need
that much butter for this. We’re just using a melted
half stick of butter. This is a no-bake situation so if it is hot outside
still like it is in Alabama, you don’t even need to turn your oven on. Everything is goin’ in the fridge. Nothing has to be baked. So all you’re lookin’ for
is for this to kinda start to hold together. This is just a regular
ol’ nine inch pie plate. It’s not even deep dish. Don’t get fancy on it. All you’re gonna do now is
press this into the bottom and the sides of your pie plate. You just want this to be
compact into the bottom and the sides. I’m gonna wash my hand off because that’s what it looks like right now. If that’s what your hand looks like, you are doing it correctly. Now, all you have to do
is put this in the fridge. Just pop it in the fridge. We’re gonna work on the filling for this and then we’ll come back
to this little baby. Eight years of theater school and I’m on YouTube. Let’s make a filling, huh? All right, this is gonna
be a little bit different than every other baking thing
you have ever done, okay? Everything has to be cold. The exception to this is
you want your butter to be at room temperature. Your melted chocolate has to be room temp. It needs to almost be solidifying again. We’re gonna start with some
room temp butter, butter. All right, we’re using caster sugar or quick dissolve sugar. All right. I really try, all the time, you know. Hold on. Too much havin’ too much fun. Okay, butter and sugar is ready to go. I am just gonna scrape
down the sides of our bowl. Light and fluffy, just like me. In we go, time for vanilla, bam. Instant coffee granules. This is my favorite,
like, secret ingredient any time you’re working with chocolate. All it does is bring out
more of that cocoa flavor. We’re just gonna let this
mix together real quick. All right, chocolate. This is four ounces of
unsweetened chocolate. Here’s the thing, we melted
this and then we let it sit for at least 20 minutes
so that it could come to room temperature. (mixer whirring) We’re putting raw eggs in
this filling, okay everybody? I’m just putting it out there right now, there are raw eggs in a French silk pie. I just want you to think about
it like you’re a body builder and you drink raw eggs in the morning. Your eggs have to be cold,
directly from the fridge. You have to beat this for five minutes between each egg addition. So, that means that there is
about 20 minutes of mixing for the entire pie to get done. All right, here we go. See ya in a little bit. (mixer whirring) (upbeat music) All right, 20 minutes later. Bam! What you’re looking for is essentially, it should look like chocolate mousse and you might have some little pieces of chocolate that got kind of cold. That’s okay. Member our Oreo crust that we made? I sure do, it’s delish. All right, so we’re just gonna pour our faux chocolate mousse into this. Don’t think about the raw eggs. I reminded you but it’s fine. Everything’s fine. Smart Cookie Fact of the Day. Where does the French silk pie come from? Miss Betty Cooper invented
this recipe and submitted it in the 1951 Third Annual
Pillsbury Bake-Off and this was the prize winning pie. This is the blue ribbon pie from 1951. Pillsbury used to make
a cook book based off of the prize winning entries each year and this was included and that’s how it became kind of part of the American pie canon. Next step, we’re just gonna cover this with a little bit of cling wrap, then we’re gonna pop it in the fridge and let it sit for at least six hours. All right, (imitates fanfare), whoo! There it is. Fresh out of the fridge. Boom. All right, so we got a
little whipped cream. Yes, homemade whipped cream. So, this is just heavy cream,
a little vanilla extract and some powdered sugar. Look at those swirls. Now, one more technique-y thing today. We are gonna make chocolate curls. So, I got a bar of dark chocolate. I recommend using a Y peeler for this. I’m not great at this so we
might have a fail right now. I don’t know. So, I’m gonna go on a longer edge and I’m using a lot of pressure. There’s your chocolate curl. You just have to be super gentle and I’m gonna go ahead and
let that guy go right there. There we go, that’s the one right there. Oh yeah! Usually the second one is a
lot better than the first. Are you ready? All right, Shelbs, me and you. Aw yeah. Shelby do you got it? Look at that guy, aw yeah. Okay, moment of truth. Let’s get a slice outta this baby. I’m tellin’ you if
chocolate is your thing, you are gonna love, love this dessert. The best thing about a French silk is that it is both light
and rich at the same time. Yes, girl, yes girl! Callin’ this pie a girl. Oh god, it’s happening. French silk! Oh my God, you guys,
this pie is so delicious, it’s so delicious. If you are a chocoholic, I’m tellin’ you this is the pie for you. It is simultaneously like
super light and fluffy and also incredibly dense
and rich at the same time. Silky, that’s why it’s
called a French silk pie. Yes, delish. (upbeat music) If you enjoyed today’s recipe, I hope that you will like, share, subscribe, ring the bell on YouTube,
all of those things. And we’ll see you back
here on Smart Cookie. (upbeat music)