Bread was one of the last things I learned to bake. It used to be really daunting, but now I love it, and I’ve got a fruity little recipe
that will show you just how easy bread baking can be. This is the quickest loaf you’ll ever make. My fruity, zesty soda bread is served up with mouth-watering home-made butter. When my kids are in bed, this is the
perfect time to make soda bread, because I want to sit in front
of the telly with a cup of tea, but I want to make a loaf of bread
for them for tomorrow morning, so I can just knock it up, done. So, to start off with,
I’ve got 500g of plain flour in my bowl, ready to go. Give it one teaspoon of salt,
and the same of bicarbonate of soda. And the great thing about this bread
is there’s no yeast. The raising agent is in the bicarb. The fruitiness comes from 100g
of shop-bought mixed peel and 100g of currants. Zing it up with the zest of
fresh orange and lemon. Whenever I am baking, what I need
to do is go upstairs beforehand and make sure all the kids’
bedroom doors are shut. Cos if they can smell anything
happening downstairs, they say they’re sleepwalking. They’re lying, I know. They’re just all like,
“Oh, something woke me up”. Add two tablespoons of sugar
and 50g of vegetable suet. Make a little well in the centre, and then add my buttermilk. This buttermilk is my crucial hack
to instant bread. When it mixes with the bicarbonate
of soda, it releases bubbles of air, giving the bread its
lightning-quick rise. This soda bread is my cheat,
it’s my go-to. This is my ticket
to an evening on the couch. Just going to get my hands in now,
that’s it. I don’t want to knead this, I just
want to work with it really quickly. I mean, look at it. Right, that
just literally seconds to bring it together, and you can see that,
look, no kneading. That’s it, that’s my dough done.
Rough as you like. So much quicker than
a yeasted dough. Result. What’s really important
when you make soda bread… the cutting. You’ve got to go all the way down, so it can puff up, and you get
lovely chunky bits of bread. I cannot wait for the smells
in this kitchen. At 220 degrees, in just 30 minutes,
we’ll have delicious fresh bread. Now the quickest home-made butter. I never waste anything, especially
not leftover double cream. All you need is a whisk. The trick to making good butter
is to not concentrate at all. That is my kind of recipe. Look, can you see what’s happened? Before you know it,
it’s starting to curdle. And it’s starting to split, which means it’s gone too far. Oh, no! We can’t use our cream any more. Now we’re going to make butter! Keep going. Whenever I make butter,
my husband always says, “You overwhipped the cream,
didn’t you?” Done! Look! It’s actually butter. I’m going to chuck that all
straight in there. How speedy was that? Simply drain off the liquid
using a muslin cloth, and there’s enough butter
to last the week. Oh, if you could smell the kitchen. Like fresh bread and currants
and orange and lemon, and just mm! Just warmth! It just smells so good. But, while it’s still warm, I have
got to have just a little bit. BREAD CRACKLES Can you hear that? Crisp, crunchy,
but soft in the middle. It’s almost too good to be true. Fruity moreish bread
and heavenly home-made butter, in no time at all. Just lashings. This will be right here,
ready for them, when they wake up, ready to go to school
in the morning. But right now, while I’ve just
got a tiny little bit of me time, I’m going to enjoy my warm bread… ..and delicious butter. When you’re in a hurry,
easy baking can be a tonic. Make friends with your oven, and enjoy the priceless time
it offers you back.