Oh, hello. I’ve just found an old gingerbread
recipe. I think I might make it for Christmas. The ingredients
are… To the treacle, you need to add a quarter
of an egg that’s been very well beaten. This is quite an old fashioned recipe, so
I prefer to add more sugar. This gingerbread has quite a lot of spice,
it has ginger, allspice and mace. And I prefer to put not quite as much cloves
as the recipe says. And the final bit of flavouring, a little
coriander seeds, finely crushed, and caraway seeds which have also been finely crushed. Mix it all well together, and then add the
melted butter. And then add enough flour to the mix until
you can work with it. And now roll it into a ball, pat it down on
the tray to make little ginger biscuits. Once I have filled this tray I’m going to
put the rest aside because Lady Braybrooke has asked me to make some moulds. She wants
to use them to decorate her Christmas tree. For this, you really need to leave the mix
at least a day. There, now these biscuits can go into an oven
for ten to fifteen minutes. A moderate oven. I’m going to use this mould to make Lady
Braybrooke a Christmas tree decoration. I’ve laid her on a buttered baking tray
and I am going to put her in a moderate oven for about ten to fifteen minutes.
I’m pleased with that. While she was cooling, I created a hole and
threaded a ribbon through it. Now she is ready for Mrs Warwick, the housekeeper, to add to
the Christmas tree. And there you go, traditional gingerbread.
Merry Christmas.