Hello everyone, today I
am going to make Dessert that is
Glutinous Rice Balls (Banh Chen Neur). For the ingredients palm sugar, Glutinous Rice Flour, Mung Bean, Coconut Milk, Oil, ginger, green onions, salt, sesame seed (white and black). First I need to cook the mung beans. Usually they soak in the water for 2-3 hours but this is my way of doing it. Just clean it until the water is clear then steam it in the rice cooker. Bring and boil the water then add coconut milk. add a little bit of salt and a little bit of corn starch. Now that the water is boiling add some palm sugar and salt and keep it there until it melts. Now the coconut milk is done. Slice and smash the ginger then add it into the boiling water. Now its done. This is sugar water. For dough I need to mix water and flour then mix it by hand. Now just do it like that for 3 minutes. Now the mung bean is cooked. Now I am going to stir fry it with green onions.I will need 3-4 tbsp of Oil then add chopped green onions. Stir Fry. Add a bit of Salt.Turn the heat to low medium When you see that the balls are floating that means its cooked. Now it is done and ready to serve. It smells delicious with the ginger. Now add some sesame seeds on top of them along with coconut milk. I hope you enjoyed the video and that you give it a taste soon. Thank You for watching bye bye