g’day welcome to the simple cooking
Channel today I’m going to show you how to make butter at home in three minutes
so so easy holy moly yummy let’s go now for this you can use a hand mixer or
hand beater if you’ve got something like this it’s makes it just easier an
attachment like this is fine and you want to have six hundred mils of poopy
cream now it might have different names in different countries basically the fat
percentage or content you want is around 40% this is thirty nine point four so
that will do if six hundred mils now you just want to beat this start it
on low or low meeting just until it thickens after about 20 of
we turn up to high three minutes there you go
but by the milk now we’ll just separate it they see butter now there’s the butter now what we want
to do make sure your hands are clean squash it together and also squash it
down give it a little squeeze just to get the rest of the buttermilk out now
look at that beautiful beautiful butter I’ll just find something to put the
butter in and just squash it in mold it to it even with clean hands if you’re
not comfortable doing that just wear gloves they have simple homemade butter
really yummy you just pop this in the fridge cover it have it within two weeks
usually butter doesn’t last that long anyway YUM I hope you like these if you like butter homemade butter you
can’t be this is so good hold on anything toast using recipes I
use it in lots of recipes I thought was about time I showed you how to make
homemade butter since it’s so easy I think even think like and even made it
for the channel thought I should be doing this I’ll be making it let’s play
for years I’ll see you next time for my next meal