Hi you guys welcome back to kids cooking and crafts. Hello! So today we’re going to show you how to make a Disney Princess Ariel Little Mermaid Ocean Cake. It’s going to be delicious. Let’s get messy. First we’re going to stack all of our cakes. To save a little bit of time, we’ve already made them. Now we’re going to fill in all of the cracks with frosting. I’m going to have princess Ava spin it while I decorate. Now we’re going to decorate the top. Under the sea. Under the sea. (singing) Darling it’s better down where it’s wetter take it from me. No I’m just going to smooth it all out. Now we’re actually going to put Ariel into the cake. Let’s cut a hole out for her legs. I mean her fin. Her tail? Hole completed Let’s put it in. Yes! We did it. Alright we’re going to use this fondant stuff It’s like a marshmallowy play doh stuff that you can eat. It’s fun to form it into stuff, like it’s stretchy. You can technically make anything out of it. it’s like edible play doh. Now we’re going to roll out all of our fondant using a rolling pin and we’re going to use a little cookie cutter And we’re going to cut out a whole bunch of little tiny circles and make them the fish scales. Let’s put a little powdered sugar. That way it won’t stick. We want it nice and flat so we can make as many as possible. Let’s start cutting. Last one! There. Nice. Alrighty let’s take this out. Now we’re going to do the green. Yes, we’re done. Alrighty. Now we’re going to put the scales on the cake. We’re going to start with a layer of blue around the bottom. To help the scales stick better I’m going to add a bit of water onto the back. Now we’re going to do our greens. We want to stack them right in the middle of the blues. Layer number three. This is when it really starts to look like mermaid scales. I’m so excited to see what it looks like when we’re all done. I know right!? It’s like the coolest thing ever. I made some other cake videos with fondant in them Like the Rapunzel cake. Yeah we had to cut off her hair. It was kind of sad. We used the same fondant making her hair. It was just yellow fondant You guys should go check out that video too when we’re done. Layer number four! Last layer. Let’s get to it. This is so cool. I think we should make a dragon cake next. What do you guys think? All finished with the mermaid scales, now let’s make her tail. We’re going to make her tail with the leftover fondant. Now just form it into a mermaid tail like this. Okay that’s good. Now to make the scales on her fin we’re going to take a pen… cap. Not the pen. The pen cap. And we’re going to tilt it sideways and push it just like this. It looks good. Thank you. This is going to look so cool. Now for the finishing touch. This are fake fish tank plants. Now we’re going to use them on our cake so let’s pull them off. So I’m going to add a little bit of green ones. And then purple. Alright so I’m going to go on this side right here. Just like, stick it in. I need some purple over here. Wow this looks good. What do you guys think? Is it pretty good? I like these purple flowers. My favorite ones are like the pink and green ones. Now let’s take a bite. Yum. yum. Really good. Yeah that’s a good cake. What?! AHHH! I have a tail. It’s kind of cool. Now I know how Ariel feels. A big shout out to Liz Polanco for giving us this great idea for this Little Mermaid Ocean Cake. If you have any other awesome ideas for kids cooking and crafts let us know in the comments down below. Under the sea. Under the sea. Hey guys welcome back to kids cooking and crafts. Today we are going to make Jello Gumi McDonalds french fries. I’m Spiderman and I’m here with Frozen Elsa. Let’s get messy.