(upbeat ukulele) – Hi kids welcome to
Jaxson’s Ice Cream Parlor, in beautiful Dania Beach, Florida. We’re so glad your here today. – Great, I’m Miss Penny and
these are the Kidvision Kids. And we’re here today to order and to find out about ice cream. What’s ice cream? – I cream is a frozen tasty treat. When you come into our ice cream parlor, you’ll see a lot of people working. But the first person you’re
going to see is your server, and that’s the person
who brings you your menus and makes sure that you get
everything that you’d like. – This is our server she
takes care of us at the table. So our server just gave us menus, and the menus give us all the flavors of the ice cream that we can choose from. – Okay we have vanilla, cinnamon, chocolate, strawberry, rocky road and chocolate brownie crackle. – Wow, there are a lot of
ice creams to choose from. So now the server is going
to come and she’s going to take our order to bring
back to the kitchen. Are you ready to tell
her what you would like? Here she is we’re gonna
give her our order. – What flavor would you like? – Cinnamon. – What would you like? – I’d like vanilla. – Vanilla. – [Miss Penny] Vanilla ice cream. – Chocolate. – [Server] Chocolate? – Chocolate. – I’ll have Oreo ice cream please. – [Server] Okay. – Chocolate. – [Server] Chocolate. – [Kids In Background] We have ice cream – [Miss Penny] Chocolate. And what you you – Vanilla and chocolate. – [Miss Penny] Vanilla.
Vanilla and chocolate? – [Miss Penny] Vanilla and chocolate. – Okay. – [Miss Penny] He’s getting
a mixture of ice cream. See she takes our order,
she puts it in the computer. And then she’s going to deliver it. – To everybody. – To everybody, thank you so much. – [Server] Your welcome, thank you. – You know when your waiting
for food at a restaurant you have to wait while they cook the food. And so what we’re gonna
do is while we’re waiting we’re gonna play a game called I-spy. – I spy with my
I see plants! – Little eye
I see plants! – Something red. – She spys with her little eyes, something red. Can you find something red? – A traffic light. – A traffic light. (upbeat music) – I spy something that has a big wheel. – He spys something with a big wheel. Can you spy something with a big wheel? – Whoa – [One Of The Kids] Right there! – [Miss Penny] A bike. I spy with my little eye a lantern. There look! Oh see that! You got it? – Got it, got it. – You see it? I see it! – Okay kids, the next
thing we’re going to do is to get ready to make some ice cream. Today we’re gonna make
my favorite flavor Oreo, and the first thing we have
to do to make Oreo ice cream is to break up some Oreos. So I’m gonna give you each a plate. Now I want you to count
along with me, out loud okay? Starting with one. – [Everyone] Two. Three. Four. Five. – Very good. K, now your each going to get an Oreo, and let’s count along again, okay? – [Everyone] One. Two. Three. Four. Five. – Five, does each child have one Oreo? – [All Kids] Yeah. – Yeah, so how many Oreos
do we have all together? – [All Kids] Five. – Okay, kids now you can take your Oreo and just, break it up. – Oh your gonna break up the Oreo. – [Jerry] Just twist it. And put it right on your plate. Can you break em apart? – [Miss Penny] Oh you did it. – [Jerry] Good, good job. – [Miss Penny] They’re
gonna go into the ice cream so you want to make them nice and small. – [Jerry] Now break it apart, Connor. – Are you ready to see how
the ice cream machine works? – [All Kids] Yeah. – Okay. (upbeat music) – What’s a kitchen sink? – A kitchen sink is Jaxson’s
signature ice cream creation. And we make it in a little kitchen sink. The kitchen sink we’re going to make is going to have 12
scoops of ice cream in it. – Oh my gosh, 12 scoops of ice cream! What is a scoop? – A scoop is a big spoonful. (upbeat circus music) – Thanks for helping
us make a kitchen sink. – Well thanks for helping me
make the kitchen sink kids. – Its awesome, well you know what? We’re gonna have our server bring our kitchen sink to our table. (siren blaring) – [Miss Penny] What is it? Ohhhhhh! Ahhhhhh! Look at that! Hooray! (upbeat kazoo) – [Everyone] I scream, you scream We all scream for ice cream! Whooo!