Hi, I’m Scott for Expert Village, and today
I am going to teach you how to make Jello’s Banana Cream Pudding. Let’s take a look at
our ingredients. Jello’s Instant Banana Cream mix, two cups of milk, and a mixing bowl.
Okay, to get started we will take our Banana Cream Instant Pudding mix and add it to the
bowl. Next we go ahead and take our one and half cups of milk and add that. Now it is
really simple to do following this. We just take our metal whisk, and we whisk this for
about five minutes. Okay, it’s been about five minutes now and it looks like it thickened
just right. So we take our bowl now, and we’ll take a cup, take a spoon, and we’ll just mix
it out into this. And it’s that simple. And there you have it. Instant pudding mix by
Jello. For Expert Village, I’m Scott. Yummy!!