Hi, I’m Scott for Expert Village, and today
I am going to teach you how to make Cherry Jello. Let’s take a look at our ingredients.
A cherry flavor Jello packet, one cup of cold water, a mixing bowl, and two and half cups
of boiling water. To get started, we’ll just take our flavor packet and add it to the bowl.
Now that we have the flavor packet in the bowl, we just take our boiling water now and
add that to the mix. Now that the hot water is added to our mixture, we just go ahead
and stir this for roughly two minutes or until we see that everything has dissolved inside
of it. You’ll notice that I am using a metal whisk. This put some more air into it and
that’s good. If you don’t happen to have a whisk you can use a fork. Now that it’s mixed
together really well we can go ahead and take our cold water now and add that. Now that
it’s all mixed together we have to chill it for at least four hours. I choose to put them
in these little plastic square containers and put them in the refrigerator. If you are
making a lot of different types, these stack really well. So just pick up the liquid that
you’ve made, and pour into the container. Now we are going to go ahead and put our Jello
mix away into the refrigerator for at least four hours. Okay, looks like our Jello’s all
done. So we’ll just take our container now and open this up. Now you can see it’s all
jiggly, oh boy. So what you do now is you take a paring knife and you cut little squares
into this. Okay, now that we have it all cut up, you just take a fork, you stick in between;
you pick up the little square piece, take a small dish, and put it in. And there you
have it, Jello is really easy to make, but boy is it delicious. For Expert Village, mmm,
I’m Scott.