Hi, I’m Scott for Expert Village, and today
I am going to teach you how to make Strawberry Jello Shots. Let’s take a look at our ingredients.
A strawberry Jello packet, six ounces of Vodka, a mixing bowl, and two cups boiling water.
To get started, we’ll just take our flavor packet and add it to the bowl. Now that we
have the flavor packet in the bowl, we just take our boiling water now and add that to
the mix. Now that the hot water is added to our mixture, we just go ahead and stir this
for roughly two minutes or until we see that everything has dissolved inside of it. You’ll
notice that I am using a metal whisk. This puts some more air into it and that’s good.
If you don’t happen to have a whisk you can use a fork. Now in place of the cold water
as the normal recipe would call for, we would add the Vodka in its place. Make sure it’s
nice and cold so you get the proper reaction. Now that the drinks all mixed together, we
can take the Strawberry Vodka Shots and put them in plastic shot glasses. I say use the
plastic shot glasses because there’s jello inside of it, and if the people happen to
break it, they can take that away and you’ll have their jello shot. The key here is to
be able to get the jello shot out of the container as quickly as possible. So just fill these
up a little bit. Generally it’s half way for each jello shot container. These will chill
very quickly and you will definitely have some very happy guests. Now you want to go
ahead and put your shots on a flat plate so that when you take them out they will be already
to serve. And there you have it, a jello shot. Now how do you take this? Take your pinky,
run it along the inside to loosen it up, oh man this is strong. Take it; make a toast,
“here’s to life”. Whew, now that’s how you do a jello shot. Whew, that Vodka is wicked.
Now Expert Village does not condone drinking on the job, but you know I’ve got to take
one for the team to educate. Whew, for Expert Village, I’m Scott.