[Music] so in this video I kicked it off with a hack to making your bananas baking ready by putting them in the oven it really helps soften it up and get it that nice like puree texture if they’re kind of baked off and those sugars can really help soften up the banana now I chose to use banana because of the popularity of the fruit bananas are the most widely grown and eaten fruit in the world so I know that more people are gonna have access this ingredient because they are just so available which is a big part of our process here TC is thinking not only about what is great and delicious but also what people have access to and what’s like maybe already on your kitchen counter that you want to just like throw into a recipe this style of muffin is actually inspired by a French pastry where excuse my french they’ll probably butcher the pronunciation but it’s tequila which is like tiger and I think it’s because by hiding the chocolate sprinkles it kind of looks like it has tiger stripes now that pastry is actually a tea cake where it’s like a little phenol CA that has the chocolate sprinkles and it’s sometimes filled with chocolate ganache and I thought it was such a cool pastry that I’d never actually seen around in America and has often the same stylistic characteristics and transferring it into a muffin which people are probably more likely to be familiar with and want to make at home so just like the Seger I use the chocolate sprinkles just together that cool stripe feeling so dessert and then once the muffins came out the oven I use just the back of a wooden spoon to create a little hole and fill that with chocolate ganache so kind of like elevated the breakfast muffin to like a nice level selectable thing don’t know how to call it but they’re good so there’s a joke in TC about how much I bake with bananas considering they are far from my favorite fruit now I’m not a complete banana hater I just don’t like them once they are ripen but I keep my personal trainer society because I know literally planet Earth loves bananas more than anything and there’s actually a lot of wastes tied to bananas because once they reach a certain point most people think that they’re inedible and want to toss them in the trash so my first tasty video I ever did was actually four different ways to bake right bananas literally millions of bananas are tossed out every day because people think that they’re too ripe and they don’t like how they look and funny enough the ripe bananas are the ones you want to bake with so if you have ripen in is in your house and you’re like oh I don’t want to eat that I feel you I understand put in the freezer think of it later and you can make some muffins [Music] this recipe was a journey this is not a poor so here’s where trouble is right now so this recipe took a lot of development to nail down I mean the amount of math and science figuring out volume of batter I needed for the whole cake what I’m going to do is pull out my calculator and figure out within my two cups of chocolate amongst four bowls and divided so to properly scale up as well as how much stabilizer I needed in order for the colors to not bleed into each other oh so talk the simplest way to approach this recipe is I wanted to make one mother batter for every color of the cheesecake and then divide it into four different bowls that way each Bowl got its own quantity of chocolate to create a different tone of brown I feel like these are almost two posts in color it’s maybe just a little bit more so I’m gonna be very distinguished fargodome Posey was just mechanics of filming while cooking because when I would put down a bowl to change camera lenses the batter is hope it actually starts to set so the idea is to like pour them all into the pan this I gotta pour my Craven but you have punch into their container yeah it’s all put into my great proof container is on fire and great yeah solutions by EA so each batter has to remain kind of loose and warm up until it’s all done and then it can go into the fridge and set so a tip that I learned was while making this cheesecake at any point you have to stop or take a break microwave the batter for 20 seconds or so just to get it reef Luud before you start pouring and wait until you have a window time to pour all four colors before you do it is if you pour layer one and then take a break and then try to pour layer – it’s not gonna push out and you’re not going to get a nice beautiful even ring so it definitely requires your full attention while making fingers crossed for land just like ready really pretty living like the twilight zone right now you did this cheesecake is definitely one of the more aspirational desserts I’ve made it requires a lot of attention to detail and patience so if you are a hoppy Baker and you just want to like dedicate an afternoon to making something like really stunning and beautiful for your friends or family for any occasion this is definitely a fun recipe it’s a like take on as a challenge I really have a genuine interest of knowing what other flavors can be made of this cheesecake so if you do make another flavor please let us know pop in the comments and maybe I’ll give it a try too [Music] this recipe is a total throwback to my childhood back in elementary school we had these magazines where you could order Christmas gifts for people and they have this for flavored cheesecake where it was four individual cheesecakes cut up into quarters but all put onto one piece of cardboard and I figured I could probably try to make it all in one pan so what may this cheesecake a bit tricky is that I want us to divide up four very liquidy fluid items the thing that made the most sense to me was to use ingredients that were already in a cheesecake so I opted for a graham crackers so once I got through the structural part of the recipe the next challenge was the four flavors cheesecakes are really fun because you can flavor them with whatever you want but each different flavoring component has its own chemistry so each cheesecake batter end up having its own texture and consistency so I had to play around with every single flavor to make sure one it tasted really good because doesn’t matter what his dessert looks like if it does not see as good it doesn’t really matter and then also that it was thick enough where once I put it in his corner it didn’t budge stayed put but it was still like nice and creamy once it was all set when I came to choosing flavors the number one obvious one was chocolate I love chocolate everyone loves chocolate and chocolate hazelnut spread is really thick and creamy so I knew once a bullet and a cheesecake batter is gonna be really thick and it would fold up now the other flavors not so easy the second flavor I wanted to go with was a lemon because it’s a non baked cheesecake I think lemon is a really good bright fresh flavor it’s like very summery and it’s honestly one of my favorites so I use lemon curd because if I put in lemon juice it would have been way too runny and then I just added a little bit more lemon curd on the top to make it visually pleasing the third flavor I used was just for the plain Jane’s in the world everyone needs something simple so I just did a vanilla cheesecake but to give it like a little bit more nothing to make it just as pretty as everything else I added some raspberry jam vanilla berries classic combination so I just swirled in the top to make it very pretty and then added some fresh berries on the edge now the fourth and final flavor ruined me before the final flavor was meant to be caramel but the consistency of that varied so much between every product I use we’re super runny some were so thick I could even pull them in and it was really tough when I was testing his recipe I thought that she takers done is beautiful and then as we’re filming the beauty shots the caramel completely fell apart it literally was oozing out of the side of the pan because there’s way too much water in it but our lovely friends in Brazil have created a great food product called dulce de leche which has a very similar taste to caramel but it’s so smooth and thick so once I figured to use that it was smooth sailing from there and all the flavors we’re good to go I wanted people to have the option of having that like prize double flavor slice of cheesecake where you cut a quarter inch of what’s on the left and quarter on the right and you have like a two-for-one special however I think all the flavors go really well together but I had to check so I tested double four full of all the flavors just to see what wet and the only one that really didn’t go too well was a lemon curd and chocolate so in the final cheesecake I put them on opposing ends and then everything else is good from there the most struggling part about developing this recipe was to make it simple I want it to be like very all levels friendly it’s easy to make things complicated it’s difficult to make them simple it’s my philosophy of recipe development this video didn’t take long at all to do look like a day