Hey! Yaaaay… I win! I win! I win! You win. It’s the Mazzy Show! Cooking … Mazzy! Hi, I’m May Cat. Today I’m a guest on the Mazzy Show. We’re going to make Klaui Buat Chi (กล้วยบวชชี). which is a Thai dessert, or Thai K̄hnm (ขนม). Mazzy, Let’s go through the ingredients. This is a pandan… AHHHHHHH
(Mazzy Laughs) Good Job, Mazzy! Go Banana. Mazzy, do you think it’s ready? Mazzy: Yea. May Cat: Yeah. Yaaay, good job Mazzy! Mazzy, let’s peel the bananas. Wow… Smells good. Kitty cat looks hungry. I am hungry. Oh no. Hot. Don’t touch it. Well maybe can I try? To see if it’s hot? umm.. tttzzz (gasp)… oh… hot! (sigh) Hot .. (Sigh)… It’s so hot, Mazzy I did it! I love it! Are you ready Mazzy? To cut the bananas? I think you’re already doing it. Yaaaay… (Chop, Chop, Chop, Chop, Chop) You’re doing great, Mazzy. Yea, Thanks! Your banana cutting skills are the best I’ve ever seen. Yea. You’re such a pro. You should, like, get your own TV show. You should, like, be on a Top Chef. You need an award. You deserve a Grammy. Ummm… This is bananas. I’m a Mazzy. I love you! We’re just going to put this coconut milk in there Mazzy: Oh no!
May Cat: Ummm Alright, let’s put the coconut milk in, Mazzy okay. YES! (Sigh) (nibble, nibble, nibble) NO! Wow. ssssalt. Mazzy: Thanks!
May Cat: You’re welcome. Perfect I want stir it. Yes. …(Singing: Yay, yay, yay)… Let’s put the bananas in. Okay… Can I stir with you? We can stir together. Mazzy: Ok!
May Cat: Yea, let’s do it! Here, let’s put this in. Ok. Yaaayyy… Good job. I love you, May Cat. I love you too. (kiss) Perfect. Yay. Mmmm…. Yummy, yummy, yummy, yummy. How does it taste, Mazzy? Good. Good. Can I have some? of course. (nom, nom, nom)…(sigh) That was so good! Mm hm, I had a lot of fun with you. I’m so glad. Thank you for having me over. I love you. Hehehe… yay!