Did dinosaurs exist? Does God exist? I don’t know.
All I know, lemon meringue
pie is delicious. That’s it stop asking me
about the fucking hard questions guys. Fuck ISIS! I’m Matty Matheson, and this is how to make
a lemon meringue pie the way that you’ve
never learned. The way that I’m
going to teach you. I do love a lemon
meringue pie and I certainly love
cheesecake so I kind of added those 2 things
together and what I’ve come up with is something
pretty fantastic. You know,
you’re very welcome. Very welcome, world. We had to start
with our base. We had to start with a
very simple pate brisee. Pretty much a short
crust dough. That takes the longest
amount of time. We gotta get that
out of the way. You gotta be
able to get that into the fridge set up so
the butter is nice. We had about
a pound of butter, 2 pounds of flour, little bit of salt,
little bit of sugar. Just mix that up. We get the bread
crumbs going. You want that
consistency, you get it all mixed together nice
and then you just add enough water just to
bring that together. Work out the old
forearms here. I’m sweating. This is hard work. Okay, so when you know when it’s good to
take out the bowl. You can mound it. Kind of clump
it together. Get it into that ball. That’s your pate braze
right here guys. Cut this into half, and
then you wrap it up, you put it in the fridge,
you let that chill for a half an hour. Get that butter nice and
set again. Now let’s talk
about our fillings. Right, guys? Keep up, keep up. So, first we have to make
the cream cheese filling. So we need 35% cream,
that’s in here. Do you see it? I believe it. You don’t have to add
any sugar to that. We’re just going to
whip it really quickly. Don’t stick your finger in there. Don’t get your hair
stuck in there. If I do this by hand, I would probably sweat more
than when I just made that fucking pate brisee
which nearly killed me. Okay? So we’re looking for
stiff peaks. Stiff peaks is, you just
want the whip cream to stand straight up, which
is pretty much this. We don’t have a lot of
whip cream in here so it’s not really doing
it on the thing. It’s stiff peaks, okay? Stiff. I’m just gonna keep using
this because I’m gonna add the cream cheese. I did the whip cream
first, because. You’ve got to whip cream
from a clean bowl. Clean, dry, cold bowl. If I would have started
with the cream cheese in the mascarpone I
couldn’t have done that. So I can just throw
the and everything into the whipped cream bowl
because it’s fine. I am going to add
a 500 millileter container of
cream cheese and then I’m gonna add
half of the mascarpone. What? We’re gonna add
a quarter cup of sugar. We’re gonna need,
see every time. Toronto rental
prices are high. So you gotta stay in
the low income areas, like Parkdale. Your kitchens are close,
flapping around. And we’re here. Nice stiff little peaks. This is my all
time favorite pie, because you know. I hate fucking pies,
guys. I hate blueberry pie. I hate strawberry pie. I hate most pies. You know the pies I like? I like lemon
meringue pie. Exactly.
The first one I mentioned was the one I’m making. You take half of
the whip cream, and we’re gonna
just fold that in. The whip cream is giving
it a moussey light texture. And you don’t
wanna whisk it. You just wanna, you go
down in the middle, you take it and
you fold it in. You go through the
middle, you fold it in. And then you put
the other half in and you just continue
to fold. That is a cream
cheese filling. Just leave this
out at room temp. That’s good to go. What are these? This looks like acid. This looks like
maybe crystal meth, I dont’ know what
crystal meth looks like. But I do know
this is gelatin. We’re gonna put some
gelatin in there because we want to
make it stable so when we cut into the pie
through all the delicious beautiful layers,
the merengue, the lemon curd,
the cheesecake filling, the pie dough you’re
gonna see all those. It’s gonna be like
fucking food sentiment. So it’s very, very
important guys that we add 6 full
gelatin sheets. If you don’t, you’re
gonna get soupy soup. Thank you. We have to bloom
our gelatin sheets. So you just take them and
you move them around. You’re gonna kinda
get like goopy. You’re almost
getting there. See how they’re
transforming and they’re kinda
getting goopy? It almost looks like
if you were to, I don’t know. It’s like gelatin. It looks like, you want
it to look like goopy. You want it to, it’s kinda like
a goopy thing, I feel. Don’t you think? You know?
Goopy. Now second filling is
our lemon curd itself. Good talk. So we’re gonna
take 6 whole eggs. We’re gonna crack
those in here. Boom. Then we got one
cup of sugar. And we’re gonna
just stir. Oh, fuck. Ahhhhhhhhhhh. I need 2 cups of lemon
juice, okay guys? Really working for
this pie today. Really working for
this pie. When life gives you
lemons, what do you make? You make lemon
meringue pie. You get home, some guy fucking
pisses on your leg on the fucking subway,
don’t worry about it. You go home and you make
a lemon meringue pie. So that was 12 lemons. And now what I’m gonna do is cook this over
the double boiler. And we’re gonna make
this into an so a double boiler
is just a pot. with some water in
it that steams and heats up a bowl that you
put on top and you cook something on it so
you don’t over cook it. And what you
have to do now is literally stand over
here and stir this, so you don’t get
scrambled eggs. The custard is ready for
gelatin. I’m just gonna squeeze
the water out of it. And this is what
it looks like now. Kinda like, almost like
jellyfish or some shit. You know? So, I’m just gonna
put this into it. So, I’m just adding
a little bit of lemon juice at a time. Just cuz I don’t wanna
add too much liquid, and that’s all you need. That’s 2 cups. And now we’re
just gonna cook this until this
turns into a curd. See now it leaves marks. I can pull through it,
and it’s thick. Coats the back of
a spoon pretty much. That’s what you’re
looking for cuz the gelatin that’s
in there that’s tart. Woo! We’re gonna add a little
bit more sugs on that one. A little more suggies. We’re going to take that
dough out of the fridge so now we got to let that
rest for about an hour, come up to room temp. We’ve let our
dough rest and it’s come up to room
temperature and now I’m going to be able
to roll this fucker out. Let’s make some pie guys. So the way to roll
out your dough is, you tap it from far away, until it turns
into a pie dough. No, idiots. So that recipe for dough, that could give you like
four pie doughs, okay? So now we’re just
gonna roll this out, and it doesn’t look
like pretty right now. Once you bake it, it’s gonna come
together really nice. So we’re gonna put
butter on it, so it’s gonna get it
nice and crispy, but it’s also gonna protect
it so it can come away. And then just hit
it with some flour. And then that is
ready to bake in. And then you
just take it and you let it fall
into the pie pan. And we’re just gonna
kinda cut around it. You want to save this
dough just in case you get any holes or
anything like that, you can just kinda
take care of it. When you’re par baking
your pie doughs, the middle is going
to puff up, right? It’s going to get hot,
it’s going to cook, it’s going to try and
rise. Right? You need to put
in a pie weight. Okay, so get tinfoil, and you can use dried
lentils, dried beans. I don’t have any of
those things for some reason, so I’m
just using peppercorns. Just enough weight so
it doesn’t go anywhere. So now, we got our
oven preheated at 450, and we’re gonna bake this
guy off so she’s nice and golden brown, so
15 to 20 minutes. And boom,
you got a pie dough. Let this cool over
by the windowsill. It’s what you do. We’re gonna put down our
cheesecake and we’re just gonna push this around
to all the edges and make that nice. Even layer on the bottom. So now this is our
first layer so I am just going to put
this in the fridge for about 10 minutes. It is literally
almost there. We have to make
a meringue here boys. We are going to
take 6 egg whites. Oh my God now I am
going to wash my hands. If you don’t wash
your hands and just rinse them, you’re
a big, bad, dirty doggie. We’re not big, bad,
dirty doggies, are we? No. I am, actually. That was a trick. I’m a big, bad,
dirty dog. We’re gonna add just like
a teaspoon of vinegar. Just a little bit. We’re gonna whip. We’re gonna get
some air in there. So, I’m going to start
adding in some sugar. And you don’t want to add
it at first because you won’t get that
initial lift, you want to start
making the meringue. So we’re going to add
about a cup and a half. Got kind of close there. That’s a fucking, that’s
a pumpking fucking, that’s what that is. That’s what we’re
looking for. Our meringue
is good to go. We’ve let the cheese
settle up here. Now, we’re just
gonna add the lemon. We’re just gonna
let this go on top. And we want a nice layer. This will take about
another 15 minutes. We’ll let this set and then we’re going to put
the meringue on top and we’re almost there guys. Bear with me. I like cooking, cuz you can just
Roger everything. Baking is science and
I’m not left, right way brain. I don’t know what
side of the brain the science is on. I’m not that part
of the brain. I’m an artist. Fuck! Now, okay. Different container. I’m okay with that. It’s a different
container. We can work with that. We got the meringue. You just put
the meringue on top, and you don’t wanna smash
it around or anything, and you don’t wanna
disrupt the curd filling. Bounce it around here. My apartment’s
really hot so, the peaks aren’t
really sticking up. We’re working on it. We’re working here. We’re making the peaks. We’re peaking out. Make sure you’re
not peeking on anybody though. You don’t want
to be a peaker. We get to toast
the meringue. This is the funnest
part for everyone. Oh buddy. See this?
This is the good stuff. Definitely could have
got a bigger one. Could of got
a bigger one. So you’re just working
your way around. Fuck, this thing sucks! My hand’s got a cramp. You’re only as good
as your tools, and right now, I guess
I’m not that good. Okay. My producers
an asshole for getting me one
this small. This torch is better
suited for maybe Some stoner kid lighting
a smokes, or the week, or the dabs or whatever the
kids smoke these days. I don’t know. Look at this. Turning into a beautiful
toasted meringue landscape. Some people love that
burnt marshmallow taste. Oh, my hand’s
literally cramping up. My little baby thumb. Crack heads, they’ve got
strong thumbs probably. Watch out. Never play old thumb wrestle
with a crack head. They’ll fucking beat you. Maybe crack heads would
be perfect pastry chefs. So, here you go. This is my lemon
meringue pie. With cheese cake filling, lemon curd,
toasted meringue. This is the best lemon
meringue pie you will ever have, hopefully. Oh, babe. Oh, babe. Oh, babe. Oh, buddy. Oh, baby. Oh, hm-mm. Oh. I’m Eddie Madison and this is how to make lemon
meringue cheesecake pie. This is good,
hopefully yours is good. Good day.