Hello and welcome back to In the
Kitchen with Matt I am your host Matt Taylor today I’m going to show you how
to make fondant. For those of you who
live in different countries where fondant might be really expensive this
might be a good alternative for you. Also
some people think this homemade fondant is better than the real thing
, pretty cool. We’re gonna use just a few
ingredients to make this fondant, if I can do it you can do it. Before I move on
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started! To begin we’re gonna take a
large microwave-safe Bowl and we’re going to take our marshmallow, I’m using
mini marshmallows, and this is 1 pound 16 ounces or 453 grams these are really
cheap here in the States this whole package cost like a dollar 25 pretty
cheap. Alright and now we’re gonna take
some water I have a quarter cup of water here but we only want about half of it
to start, so about two tablespoons. And
now we’re gonna just put this in the microwave on HIGH for 30 seconds and
then we’re gonna take a spoon and we’re gonna stir and then high for 30 seconds
stir high stir until it is nice and creamy and melted, on to that step. Okay
until we have it nice and all melted like this, it’s all nice and soft and
everything’s melted there’s no chunks or anything. Now what we are going to do is
we are gonna take our powdered sugar, I have about 8 cups of powdered sugar here
that I sifted ahead of time and we are gonna get almost all of it in there
and now we want to just start stirring it in and it’s gonna get messy on you. Well you need to work fairly fast so the marshmallows
don’t seize up on you. And it is going to come together
like a dough okay gonna come together like a dough. Add some more power sugar and
when it gets to that about that point about dough consistency it’s still gonna
be a little sticky what we’re gonna do is take some of our shortening. I have about a third of a cup of
shortening here but you’re not going to may not use that much may need a little
bit more. And I’m just going to put some
shortening here on my surface. I’m just
using a silicone mat I don’t want to put it directly on my table if you have like a
counter or something do that. And then we’re gonna put some on our
hands make sure your hands are clean and the shortening is going to help keep
it from sticking to your hands. Okay and
it’s gonna be all super soft right now and we’re gonna just knead it like
we would need dough and still pretty soft so what we want to do and it’s
going to firm up as we’re needing is we want to take in some more of our powdered
sugar. This is a great time to wear a an apron. Some more powdered sugar
and yes this is very very messy job. Talking about colors if you’re going to
use food coloring you want to use a gel, food coloring gel like these gels and if
you just want one color then you can put that color in right when you’re stirring
and melting the marshmallows. But if you
want to do separate colors you’re gonna have to fold those in after the
fact. And whenever you need a little
bit more shortening just grab some more shortening. Add more powdered sugar as
needed. All right it’s starting to get
there so it’s gonna get more firm on you and it’s gonna start to feel like
traditional fondant and you can get it you can leave it softer or harder but
typically when you pull it if it stretches like that too easy it’s a
little bit too soft still so just keep adding more powdered sugar and kneading
it in there and getting it all over yourself, haha. It’s always messy but it’s kind
of fun too it’s like one of the messiest times that your kitchen is gonna be with
powdered sugar everywhere but it’s a lot of fun and it’s a lot
cheaper than store-bought fondant and tastes a lot better. Test it again that’s
getting really close see how it just kind of broke apart like that that’s just
about there actually and we have maybe a fourth of a cup of our powdered sugar
left, that’s great. Now if we want to color this
like for example I want to color this bit right there I’m going to take some
gel food gel just use food gel let’s see what color maybe I’ll do red and just a
couple drops. Put some more shortening on
your fingers this will help keep the color from sticking to your hands or just
put gloves on. And we’re just gonna
fold in that color to the fondant, just knead it in. And it is going to start to
show through. Alright so there we have it. I
got some white and some pink, I would have done a darker red but I ran out of
red, that’s quite alright. Now what we want to do we need to let, this
chill in the refrigerator for about twelve hours before we use it and in order
to store it we want to take some some of our shortening get it all over our
hands and we want to go all over the fondant with the shortening and this is gonna
help it to not dry out, okay. And once you’ve got the fondant all nice and
greased up we can wrap it in plastic wrap. All right now that I have everything cleaned
up we are gonna take some of this plastic wrap and we are
going to cover up this fondant. Again
make sure to cover it with your shortening, you don’t want any air to get
into this that’s going to help it store. Great do this other one. There we go our
our fondant is ready to go. We’ll put it
in the fridge for about 12 hours to 24 hours and then when you want to use it
just take it out of the fridge let it come to room temperature and just knead
it in your hands until it’s ready to be worked with simple as that. And there we
have it homemade fondant really easy to do. So whether it’s too expensive where
you live or you don’t like the taste of traditional fondant or maybe you just
want a fun messy activity to do in the kitchen make some homemade fondant. Really easy
to do if I can do it you can do it. I’m Matt Taylor this has been another
episode of In the Kitchen with Matt thank you for joining me. As always if
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