Hi I’m Rachel Dayan for Expert Village. We
are going to start with making some fruits. First we are going to make strawberries and
raspberry there is 3 ways to shape to use marzipan either you can buy at the stores
ready color marzipan, you can color marzipan before you use it to shape which I’m going
to show you how to do it later on, or you can shape with a plain marzipan and paint
it later on. So we start with strawberry we take marzipan we make into a ball and then
we press a little bit around one edge to make it a little bit like a oval shape. Then the
top we are going to flatter down the top, now we are going to take a grader and press
it not to hard but we are going to press it and turn it around. This is the strawberry
that we made so far you see the little dots now we are going put a top to it. You take
a green color marzipan we are going to make a small ball and flatten it down and make
a flower shape to it. Just puncher at the end and make a little star shape I should say like this. We are
going to take a cloth and put first the green marzipan on top and then put both marzipan
the green and red together to make cloth. If you want to make the strawberry look more
real you can add there is a option to add cocoa to it we take a toothpick, put a little
bit of cocoa powder on it and then we can just on the holes just put a little bit, go
from hole to hole , add a little bit of cocoa to each one. And here is our finished strawberry.