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to make mini cheesecakes or cheesecake bites, mmm yummy. I love cheesecake these are
really easy to do if I can do it you can do it. Before I move on make sure to
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on any of my new videos. Let’s get baking! First let’s preheat the oven to 325
degrees Fahrenheit or 162 Celsius. Also
down below in the description box you’ll find the list of the ingredients and
their amounts. Now I have a food processor
here and you can do this in a plastic bag if you want, I’m gonna
take the graham crackers, put those in there, this is about 12 whole graham
crackers or 24 of the halves. I’m gonna
go ahead and pulse this, alright, so we get it until we have some nice crumbs there. And then I want to take my 6 tablespoons
of butter and I’m just gonna melt this in the microwave probably about 30
seconds 40 seconds somewhere around there till it’s nice and melted. Once our
butter is melted we’ll just plop it all in there and then I also want to add my
1/4 cup of powdered sugar, you can leave that powdered sugar out if you like, if
you don’t want your crust to be as sweet or you could add a little bit more if
you want it more sweet. All right you don’t have to blend it too
much just until it’s nice and blended together and that butter is all mixed in
with the crumbs and you’ll have like a damp sand left over. I take off this
now we take a muffin pan lined with paper cups and then we will take some of
our mixture and we’re gonna push it down in there and push it down with a spoon. I do one
heaping tablespoon first per cup and then you know you could also come in
here with like a cup or something that is the diameter of the paper cup and
just push it straight down. All right and
then I have some leftover and I’m gonna come back in and make it a little bit
thicker bottom if you don’t like it to be as thick of a crust then just spread
this out across maybe six more paper cups
so you’ll wind up with 18 instead of twelve. I just like mine to be a little
thicker because I love the graham cracker crust. So you do that until they
are all nice and level and smashed down ready to go we will set this aside. And
now we take our room temperature softened cream cheese, 16 ounces, and I’m
going to just blend this up with the hand mixer or you could use a paddle
attachment on a stand mixer. All right about like that and now we are
going to add our white granulated sugar, this is two thirds cup also our vanilla
extract. We will give that a mix. Let’s add
in our sour cream, this is 1/4 cup, this is optional you don’t have to add the sour
cream I’ve made it without the sour cream and it tastes just fine but sour
cream gives it an extra little pizazz extra little kick. Alright come in here and scrape the
sides of the bowl nice and now let’s add in the eggs one at a time. Then give it another scrape and we don’t
want to mix this too much. That’s good,
take the beaters out, you can just tap them like this to get the rest of that
off. If we over mix it there’ll be too
much air in there and the Cheesecake is prone to cracking. It still
might crack a little bit I never get worried if the cheesecake cracks a
little bit because you normally will put something on the top anyway to cover up
the cracks and it doesn’t affect the taste at all. Alright our cheesecake
filling is ready to go. Set this aside
we’ll grab these guys again and now we want to fill these up and you can use
like an ice cream scoop, you could use a big tablespoon, you could use like 1/4 of
a cup measuring cup that’s what I am going to use is just my measuring
cup. Just go right on the top and once
you have them filled up just give a slight wiggle let’s try to smooth it out
a little bit. You can smooth the top a
little bit and now you might have some of the cheesecake filling left over if
you didn’t use all the graham cracker then you’ll have extras. You can make
about 18 of these if you use the less graham cracker on the base I like more
of a graham cracker base just a personal preference. Now we’re gonna bake this in
the oven 325 degrees Fahrenheit 162 Celsius for about 18 to 20 minutes until
there’s just a slight jiggle in the middle, onto that step. And when they come
out of the oven they’ll look something like this and if you shake it a little
bit it’ll be just a slight little jiggle right in the middle. Now we’re gonna let
this cool completely to room temperature and then we’re gonna put it in the
refrigerator and chill it for at least 4 hours to overnight. Overnight is usually better
but at least four hours you can get away with a little bit less but I like to be
safe and go at least four hours. Once our
mini cheesecakes have chilled sufficiently, we want to finish them off. Now they’re done how they are but a
lot of times you want to put something on it. I’m just gonna open this one and
show you what it looks like, I got a nice thick base on the bottom. Remember you
can spread that across more of them if you want if you don’t want the base to
be as thick. And I’m going to just take a
little bit of strawberry preserves put it right there in the middle and then
I’m gonna take some strawberries and then maybe do a black berry on top. So
that’s one way you can decorate it. For
this one again I’ll put a little bit of strawberry preserves and you can use any
kind of jelly that you want and then maybe put a raspberry some blueberries
like that, pretty cool. For this one I
can lay that down strawberry preserves and then I have a strawberry here that I
just sliced but didn’t slice it all the way and just fanned it out and drop that
on top. That has a cool look to it
and this one I have just some chocolate semi-sweet chocolate and you can just drizzle some chocolate
on top. So there’s a variety of different
ways that you can decorate these mini cheesecakes. Alright I have these mini
cheesecakes done I’m gonna bite into one I’m just gonna grab this one with some
chocolate on it oh yeah mmm so yummy. And
that is how you make mini cheesecake or cheesecake bites. Really easy to do if I
can do it you can do it. I’m Matt Taylor this has been another
episode of In the Kitchen with Matt thank you for joining me. As always if
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blackberry mm-hmm.