(upbeat music) – [Instructor] Our first nut butter is a honey roasted peanut butter. We’re going to use three cups of peanuts, three tablespoons of
honey, a pinch of sea salt, and we’ll start by pouring the
peanuts onto a baking sheet. I’m using the sheet that
comes with my toaster oven, and you’ll just spread them around, drizzle them with honey and the sea salt, and then stir everything
together until they’re coated, and then you’ll just toast the
peanuts in your toaster oven or in your oven for about five minutes. (upbeat music) Once they’re toasted, transfer them into your food processor. You can also do this with
a high-powered blender if you have one. Pop the lid on and
blend away until smooth. (upbeat music) They might need a little
bit of help as you go, so you can just take the top
off and kind of stir it around and help the nuts get going a little bit, and then you’ll just keep
blending until it’s smooth. (upbeat music) If your peanuts don’t
end up getting smooth, you can add a little bit of
coconut oil like I did here, and then you’ll just blend again until it’s smooth and creamy. (upbeat music) Then transfer it to a
glass storage container, and you’re done. (upbeat music) Our second nut butter is a
pumpkin spice almond butter. We’re gonna start with
four cups of almonds and two to three
teaspoons of pumpkin spice depending on your flavor preferences. (upbeat music) And again, we’re just going to
put them onto a baking sheet and toast them in the over
for about five minutes. Transfer all of your almonds
into your food processor or blender if you’re
using a blender instead. (upbeat music) And then you are just going
to blend, blend, blend until they are totally smooth and creamy. (upbeat music) Once everything’s smooth,
you can remove the lid and pour in your pumpkin spice and then just blend it again
until it’s incorporated and then I would recommend you taste it and adjust the amount of spice that you’re using as you’d like. You could add a little bit of cinnamon. You could add a little bit of nutmeg. Anything that you want just to make it taste how you like it. (upbeat music) Then just transfer it
into a glass container, and you’re done. (upbeat music) And our final nut butter is
a two-ingredient Nutella. We’re going to use four cups of hazelnuts and 1/3 to 1/2 cup of chocolate chips. Transfer the hazelnuts
again onto a baking sheet and toast those for about five minutes. (upbeat music) While they’re toasting, you’re going to just melt the chocolate chips and then you’ll transfer
the toasted hazelnuts into your food processor. (upbeat music) And again, like the other nut butters, we’re just going to blend until
they are completely smooth. (upbeat music) Once they’re smooth, you can
add in your melted chocolate and then you’ll just incorporate that by blending it again, and you’re done. You can transfer this
into a glass container and enjoy as you’d like. (upbeat music)