How’s your summer going, Tiktakers? We are having SO much fun! Even though we don’t get any holidays – we
can’t stop sending videos to Planet Táktiko – we have moved our office to the beach. And we make the most of every break we have
to swim and have a refreshing ice cream. Our favorite is one we make ourselves… with
Oreo flavor! Do you wanna know how to make it? I’m sure you do… who doesn’t like these
delicious Oreos, right? They have been winning the hearts of kids
and adults since nothing less than the year 1912! The ones responsible for this were the cookies
manufacturer National Biscuit Company, now called Nabisco, and they were born in the
popular neighborhood of Manhattan, in New York. It was created to compete against the other
famous cookie back in the day, the Hydrox, which ended up having to accept its defeat
and left the market. Even though nowadays there are many different
versions, original Oreos were made of two dark chocolate wafers and a plentiful portion
of vanilla cream between them, a bigger portion than now. The design of its trademarked patter goes
back to 1952, with a wreath around the edge of the cookie and the name “Oreo” in the center. And what does the name mean? Even though we don’t know for sure, there
are several theories. It may come from the French word “Or”, meaning
“gold”. Or it may come Greek, as a translation of
beautiful, pleasant or well done. All answers sound great, as this cookie is
sold in more than 100 different countries. Most of its production comes from the central
factory in Richmond, Virginia, US, though there are more around the world. For example, there is one in Spain that works
for all Western Europe, or the one in Peru, which works for all Latin America. As far as we know, it’s the only cookie that
has its own instructions. We all know the “twist the cookie”, “lick
the cream” and “dunk it in milk”, right? Well then, today, we are gonna show you another
way to eat them… as irresistible! Get ready for the delicious Oreo ice cream! Are you ready, Tiktakers? We are gonna start, as usual, going over the
ingredients we’ll need. 250 grams of cream cheese, another 250 grams
of yoghurt (you can use any light flavor – we’ve chosen sweet plain yoghurt), 150 mililiters
of milk and 30 grams of sugar. And of course… a lot of Oreos! Around 15 should be enough. This sould be good for about 6 ice-creams. Now, on to the tools! First, we need a big bowl where we can put
all the ingredients together. There, we will mix them, preferably with a
wire whip like this. It’ll also be good if we have a plastic bag,
those used to keep food in, we’ll explain why later on. Also handy if you have a rolling pin and spoons. Look how cool is this one! And last but not least, a mold to make the
ice creams. Have it all, Tiktakers? Let’s start then! The first step is grinding the cookies. It’s perfect if you do it with a beater or
a blender, but if you don’t have one… don’t panic! This is why we asked you for a plastic bag,
it’s our alternative method. We’ll put them inside the bag and zip it to
grind them – we’ll avoid having crumbs all around. You can do it with a rolling pin, though if
you don’t have one around, here is another trick! Use a long tall glass! Carefully but with a lot of energy… crush
them until they break into small pieces! We get rid of stress at the same time! In a different bowl, we’ll mix all the other
ingredients together and we’ll stir until we get a uniform mixture. As we said, if you have a wire whip… much
better. Make an effort, Tiktakers! It’s important that you leave no lumps, so
the ice cream is creamy. See? This is the texture you are looking for. Now the mixture is ready for us to add the
crushed Oreos. We add them little by little… and mix it
all up. Once again, until we have a uniform mixture
with no lumps. So much stiring that your arm hurts? Hang in there, Tiktakers! Almost done, and the result will be worth
it. You can also add some small bits and pieces
of cookies, without crushing them, so it’s got even more flavor. And so the mixture is ready! In order to turn into ice cream, we’ll have
to cool it down for some hours in the freezer. You can use the molds you like. The more original, the better! We’ve chosen these with aquatic shapes…
perfect for summer time! You’ll see, they are funny! With a spoon, we’ll fill in each mold. Fill them all the way up, Tiktakers, no empty
space left! But, whichever mold you use, don’t forget
to put a stick on each ice cream, so we don’t make a mess to eat them. With the molds all filled up and in the freezer…
the most difficult part of the process comes: waiting for 5 or 6 hours! Finally, the time has passed, our ice creams
are frozen and… we can finally enjoy them! If you find it hard to get them out, here
is a little trick: put the mold in warm or hot water until they come off. Hhmmmm, look at this cool shape, this one
is a shark! It’s a shame they are not gonna last for long!
haha And this is all about our tutorial on how
to make Oreo Ice Cream. We hope you have a veeery sweet and fun summer,
Tiktakers. And don’t miss our dates in the channel. See you
in the next episode!