Howdy folks welcome to my virgin kitchen today
i’m showing you how to make your very own peanut brittle using just 2 ingredients.
Amazing, all you need for this is sugar, peanuts and a bit of patience this recipe is so simple
i’ve got two quick things to tell you first of all you might recognise my glass hob thing
is gone, if you follow me on Instagram you would have seen the other night about 3 in
the morning it just randomly smashed I was asleep and I just woke up – here’s the video.
Yeah that was pretty scary and if you can imagine this being my hockey stick I came
down into the kitchen expecting to have like a massive fight with someone and it was just
the hob cover smashed – some people are saying it was just a change in temperature I dunno
but Mrs Barry assures me she didn’t leave it up – i’m not so sure about that.
More importantly Jamie Oliver’s got a new book out called #savewithjamie and also a
tv show and it’s all about being clever and smart with your food to save money, times
are hard at the moment right. So peanut brittle you can make as an amazing gift – I know it’s
not the most healthiest thing but it’s two ingredients – sugar & nuts so you can make
it and live the dream. The last time Phoebe saw Jamie Oliver on a
video he had a beard & I caught Her scribbling a little moustache on my book uh so I had
to complete it a little bit and change the title to shave with Jamie which incidently
is what Sean Connery would say in a book shop, ‘hello could I have a copy of Shave with Jamie
please?’ Yeah. Get a low flame on your hob and plonk your
saucepan down pouring your sugar in now at this stage do not touch your sugar it’s gonna
take quite a while so maybe read the book and let the sugar warm up – please don’t touch
it. You’re gonna be tempted to stir it please don’t do that until little caramel pockets
of lakes appear have appeared around the pan then get your spatula and work through and
then leave again and let the heat work into those big granules still and really break
it down – i’m going like that a lot today sorry.
Eventually you’ll get a really cool (well very hot!) caramel lake but it’s super hot
so please don’t do any of this in flip flops like I did and once it’s nice and manouverable
don’t over cook it because you’ll burn it tip in your peanuts and stir it around get
it nice and coated and then literally plonk it straight into a prepared tin – not a silicone
tray works best if not line a tray with greaseproof paper and just spread it out and let it sit
there. How did that get up there?!
With it all in the tray spread it out in the spatula until it cools down fully around 10mins
but give it a little tap with your finger just to make sure.
Then all you’ve got to do is cut it carefully with a sharp knife into funky strips, plonk
into a jam jar thing to make it look presentable and then give it to someone you like.
And that is how you make peanut brittle. It’s super crunchy, super tasty, super delicious
and just two ingredients – the one tip i’m gonna give you is keep your heat on a low
don’t be tempted to turn it up to try and speed it up take your time and it’ll be worth
it I promise you make sure that way you won’t burn your sugar so hopefully you guys will
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it a thumbs up and subscribe and I’ve got a lot of peanut brittle to eat not to give
away! See you again next time!