Hey guys, it’s Ro! Welcome to another Nerdy
Nummies! Today is gonna be a little bit different, it’s gonna be short,
and sweet! Because today I’m gonna make Sweet Rolls,
from Skyrim! I got so many requests for something Skyrim
and I was like, this ones really, really, really easy today! So we’re
gonna have a lot of fun! Let’s get started! Ingredients today will be: Box cake mix, 3
dragon eggs, vegetable oil, water and pam baking spray. We are going to grease the pan with Pam baking
spray. Just spray, in every little cake hold. You
want them to be super greasy because we’re just gonna pop these out after we’re
done baking. And I’m hoping that it will just be a clean break. And they’ll just
fall right out, so easy. That’s the idea anyway. First dragon egg, do you think he can hear
me? Just do these as fast as possible, so no dragons
catch you doing this. Now we mix. This is gonna take forever, so, you know what…
I got a better plan! Fus-Ro-Mix! Oh good! Good, that worked! Now we’re gonna pour all this mix in these
little pans. I’ve never used a cake tray like this before,
but I’m gonna treat them kind of like cupcakes, where you want to fill them
about 75% of the way… I think? I think. We’ll see, this will be our science experiment. Now we are going to heat the oven to 350, and put these in for about 20 minutes. And now I’ve got 20 minutes. Or… FUS-RO-BAKE! Cake’s ready-s! Ta-da! Here’s what they look like, they’re
pretty cool! I filled them a little bit too high, and they
actually look like an upside down cupcake. Boop! But then they look perfect for Sweet Rolls,
so I was like, yeah! These are nice! Now we’re gonna decorate them, it’s the
easiest thing, we’re gonna microwave this yummy sugary glaze, and just
put him on top. Microwave for… 35 seconds! Fus-Ro-Microwave! OK, now, after you microwave for 35 seconds,
you shake vigorously for 30 seconds. 22, 23, perfect! Then you just put him on the top. And this
is so cool, I mean this really makes them look like the sweet rolls in the video
game. Fus-Ro-Done! These sweet rolls were so easy
to make, they’re really, really simple, thank you for suggesting them! If you have
any other suggestions, or ideas for any other Nerdy Nummies, please let me
know, leave me a comment and I will do my best to make ‘em happen! Thanks so much, bye-bye! Husky: Oh hey, Sweet Rolls, ah these look
so good! Ro: Hey, somebody stole my sweet rolls.