today we’re making sopaipillas do you
know what those are well if you’re not familiar with them they are a fried
pastry that is nice and crispy on the outside and nice and moist and tender on
the inside and it’s like a little pillow so it’s got this little pocket inside
and so they’re traditionally served up with some honey people pull off the
corner pour in the honey and enjoy and there’s also a little bit of sugar on
there I’m rockin Robin and I’ll show you how to do it right after this we need to
go over our ingredients so let’s get started
we’re going to need some white flour I’ve got some vegetable oil here we have
some baking powder now make sure you check the bottom of your can of your
baking powder to make sure that it hasn’t expired because if it has then
chances are it’s not going to perform the way you want it to so check that
we’ll also need some water I have some warm water right here and some salt and
then to top off our sopaipillas we’re going to be using some honey and some
powdered sugar and so here’s what we’re going to do first we are going to
combine our salt in with the flour and the baking powder so we’ll toss that in
and we want to give it a stir just to make sure everything is evenly combined
and mixed you out now we’ll take our warm water which I have right here and
we’re going to add a teaspoon of oil to it now what we’re going to do is we’re
going to take I’m just going to add the water and oil mixture
about a tablespoon at a time and I’m just going to stir stir that in okay and
then once that seems to be mixed in I’m going to add some more water a little
bit at a time about a tablespoon and then just stir
after each addition so just combine all the liquid in there
and your dough is going to be a bit sticky we want to get all of the flour
mixed into the dough and then you can use your hands I like to use my hands
and just mix in okay so now we’re going to do is we’re going to knead the dough
so grab a little bit of flour and sprinkle it out on your surface I’m
going to do it right here on this granite top and take your dough and
start kneading it okay so the way you need is you push and then you rotate a
quarter turn and you push again and you just keep rotating gets a little sticky
add a little more flour you’re going to do this for a few minutes until the
dough is not so sticky and it gets nice and soft and becomes very you know
elastic and smooth so just continue doing this I’ll show you what looks like
when it gets nice and smooth and keep adding as it gets sticky keep adding a
little bit of flour to your surface so I’ve been needing this for a couple of
minutes now and hopefully you can see it’s just much smoother now so I’m going
to go ahead and stop I’m going to place this back into the bowl and we’re going
to let it rest I’m going to cover it with a damp paper towel and we let it
sit for about 20 minutes this will give us time to get our oil hot which I’ll
show you that in a little bit so while we’re waiting for our dough to rest for
20 minutes or so I’ve got a pan here I have a small pan saucepan here with some
oil vegetable oil and and I put it about to about two inches deep maybe an inch
and a half something like that you want to have it deep enough so that the sopaipillas will float and it’s a good idea also to have a some kind of
thermometer so you can monitor the temperature you want this to get up to
about 375 degrees before you place your your dough into it so I just wanted to
show you that and we’ll come back to it when we’re ready to start frying
now it is time to start rolling out our sopaipillas I’m going to sprinkle a
little bit of flour here on my surface again got my rolling pin place our dough
fact I’m just going to cut the dough in half
alright so I got half the dough right here it’s just easier to roll out a
smaller portion of it so I’m going to roll it out until it’s about a quarter
of an inch thick make sure it’s not sticking if it starts to stick this is
starting to stick here pick it up spread your flour around and do it again once you get it rolled out grab a knife
and you can cut it and you can really cut it into any shapes you like I can
just you know I can cut pieces like this depends on how big you want them if this
is an appetizer then you know you might want them smaller or like a little
dessert you can make them smaller I’m going to go ahead and cut it into
eighths traditionally these are cut into triangles it doesn’t really matter guys
you can make hard shapes if you like and that’s it and I’ll put these on a plate
I’ll take them over to the stove and we will fried okay we’re ready to start
frying so grab one of your sopapilla this is a dough I know my oil is hot
because I checked it the temperature it was like 375 we’re going to lay that in
now be really careful guys you can see that the dough sunk to the bottom and
then it came up what you want to do is take a spoon and kind of drizzle the oil
over the top you see how that puffed up that’s what’s going to make it puff up
and turn into like a little pillow oops didn’t even turn it over but it
it okay so we let that cook until it’s golden-brown and then we’ll we’ll
continue on I’ve got enough room in there I can do
another one again it goes to the bottom and get a spoon of some sort and make
sure that you pour the oil over the top that’s what makes it puff up it’s very pillowy right there that one’s
nice and golden it just takes a little while you’re going to adjust your heat
you know if you have your thermometer you can keep track of it because as you
add the dough it’s going to make the temperature drop a little bit so I’m
going to be turning mine up just a little bit to kind of try and keep it
where it needs to be at 375 now next to me here let me show you I have I have a
pan sitting next to me here with a rack on it you can just use paper towels just
something to set these out on so that they can drain it’s close just set it
right on there to cool and that’s pretty much it so I’ll continue to cook these
up and we’ll show you our next step after I’m done now that we’ve got all of
our sopapillas is made and they’re cooling here I like to take a strainer
like this I filled it with some powdered sugar and then you just tap it right
over the sopaipillas and they look like a dusting of snow they’re beautiful and
if you don’t want the sugar you don’t have to have it of course you could do
the cinnamon sugar mixture that I talked about earlier and I have some honey here
that I’ve heated up because mine tins moves raw honey and it tends to get
crystallized so I had to heat it up so basically what people do is they take a
sopapilla and they will tear off a corner like this I can do it recently
and inside is a nice pocket and so then they’ll take their their honey and just
drizzle a little bit inside and that’s how they eat it smells incredibly good
all right so thanks for watching guys I hope you enjoyed this video I hope
you’ll try making soap appeals and again like I said you can make bigger ones and
you could put beans in there with some cheese that would be very delicious very
savory or anything you know ground beef lettuce I mean you can make
like a little sandwich out of it it’s very very good so thanks for watching be
sure and subscribe to my channel and thank you for sharing when you do that I
do appreciate it so take care and we’ll see you next time